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STMicroelectronics Debuts Advanced NFC and Secure Element IC to Augment Contactless Mobile Services

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STMicroelectronics Elevates Contactless Mobile Interactions with New ST54L IC

In a significant advancement for secure contactless connectivity, STMicroelectronics has unveiled the ST54L, a combination of NFC controller and secure element integrated circuit. This development ushers in a new era for mobile devices, including smartphones, smart wearables, and tablets, enabling them to leverage the STPay-Mobile platform for access to a variety of security-sensitive services.

Capabilities of the ST54L Chip

The ST54L is engineered to support a myriad of services, such as NFC mobile payments, mobile transit ticketing, and access-control functionalities, including Digital Car Key applications. Additionally, it caters to converged services that necessitate an embedded SIM (eSIM). Equipped with the Thales mobile secure operating system embedded within its secure element, the chip represents a collaborative effort between STMicroelectronics and Thales to provide a secure and versatile solution for modern mobile services.

Enhanced Performance and Storage

Improving upon its predecessors, the ST54L chip boasts a considerable enhancement in NFC RF performance, with a significant increase in non-volatile memory capacity. This expansion, amounting to a 50% growth, brings the storage capability to 3.3MByte. Such an increase in memory allows for the addition of numerous services onto the device and provides substantial space for users to add more eSIM profiles. This capability is critical for the support of Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP) and other secure applications, ensuring a broad spectrum of usability and higher security standards.

Integration into Mainstream Mobile Devices

The ST54L has entered mass production and has been incorporated into the infrastructure of the recently launched Google Pixel 8 smartphones. Its validation by multiple leading mobile platform manufacturers attests to its readiness for seamless integration by smartphone original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This widespread approval signals a robust compatibility across various mobile ecosystems.

In-House Manufacturing Excellence

The manufacturing process of the ST54L chips utilizes proprietary embedded Flash technology, reflecting STMicroelectronics’ commitment to innovation and self-reliance. Production takes place in the company’s wafer-fabrication facility, ensuring a controlled, secure supply chain from start to finish.

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