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Are VFD Displays Still Used?

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If you’ve been on the lookout for a display that can offer better resistance in higher or lower temperatures, improved visibility, simplicity, and more, you’ll often find that a VFD can be one of the best choices. Vacuum fluorescent displays may not be as commonly used today as they were before LCDs and LEDs, but that doesn’t mean that they’re without their uses.

Here’s a closer look into how these types of displays can be used and where they could be the better choice over the more popular alternatives.

Are VFDs still used?

While there’s no doubt that they were far more commonplace in the mid-1990s, there are still many applications for VFD displays in the modern world. In fact, you probably use them every single day.

Some of the most notable places that you’re likely to see vacuum fluorescent displays regularly are in-car dashboard displays, microwaves, and calculators – although you’ll find that there are still many more outside of these.

Overall, VFDs are still the number one choice for simple and robust devices that need a clear and durable display. They may not be suitable for all your needs, but it’s hard to deny that they have their uses.

Are LCDs better?

Many of the tech items that VFDs were once used for are now commonly fitted with LCDs, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re better – at least not in every way. Even if you’ll find LCDs more often now, there are a few advantages to VFDs that can make them the ideal choice for certain applications. These advantages include:

They’re visible in both light and dark settings
Many are easy to dim, making them easier on your eyes
They can withstand more extreme temperatures
Most will find that they’re easy to see from a distance or at varying angles

Common issues with VFDs

Despite their many benefits, they’re not without their downsides – and it is these small issues that have led to a less prominent feature in the world of technology. Things like high power consumption and flickering are sometimes small but important details to consider when choosing the right kind of display for your needs.

Looking for a good quality VFD?

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