We are very happy to share with you our various electronic tasks that we have collected throughout our bachelor studies. Solving scheme of these tasks, that is presented in our electronic tutorial has not only helped us but also many of our friends to pass the exams widely related to electronics during our studies and finally get the bachelors degree!

We tried to make them as simple and as easy to understand as possible, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems related to these tasks.

We would be also very glad to hear back from you, what do you think about that kind of educational content on our website. Happy learning!

Semiconductor DiodeTask

2 tasks

Zener DiodeTask

2 tasks

Bipolar Junction TransistorTask

10 tasks (Emitter-Coupling, Collector-Coupling, Emitter-Coupling Configuration with Potentiometric Base-Supply, Direct Base Current Supply)

Field Effect TransistorTask

6 tasks (MOS-N, FET-P, FET-N)

Active FiltersTask


Differential AmplifierTask

2 tasks

Differential Amplifier Amplitude ModulatorsTask

3 tasks

Operational AmplifiersTask

9 tasks

Selective AmplifiersTask

4 tasks

Small Signal AmplifiersTask

11 tasks (Low and High frequencies: Common Emitter BJT, Common Drain JFET. Medium frequencies: Common Emitter BJT, Common Base BJT, Common Source JFET)


5 tasks