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WiFi and BLE Capable ePaper Dev Board

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A great solution for static and slowly changing information is the ePaper screen. This type of display is great for embedded applications that require low power because it uses only power when switching states. It is a niche technology and not everyone knows how to use it. Catnip Electronics offers the Paper WiFi Arduino-compatible display kit as a solution to your embedded sensor and wireless interface problems.

The device has a 2.13″ ePaper display and an ESP32C3 module to support WiFi/BLE communication. It can interface with other electronics via UART and I2C, and has two broken-out GPIO Pins for additional control and interface. The device also has an integrated temperature and humidity sensor. It’s possible to use it for future purposes but an onboard temperature and humidity sensor would be useful.

Hardware and firmware are both open source, and available on GitHub. The firmware is ready for your use and modification, taking care of WiFi provisioning and onboard sensor usage. Impressively, the device draws only .038mA of current in deep sleep, allowing it to last for years on 2xAA batteries.

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