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Tips for Choosing the Right Quick Turn PCB Fabrication Partner for Your Project

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What is Quick Turn PCB Fabrication?

Quick-turn PCB fabrication is the production of printed circuit boards in a short time. As we know the standard lead time of PCB fabrication is 2-4 weeks. But for quick turn production, PCB manufacturers need to finish the production process of printed circuit boards in a short lead time, usually less than one week, and even deliver in 24 hours in urgent situations to meet customers’ demands.

It is not easy to find a reliable PCB fabrication partner with a normal lead time, let alone to find a quick-turn PCB production partner. However, there is nothing to worry about because this article will guide you with all the required details that you need.

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Skilled and Experienced in PCB Production

PCB fabrication is not something anyone can do. Many people claim to be skilled PCB fabricators but that is seldom the case. Whenever you are choosing a fabrication partner for your PCB products, it is important to go with one that has the right experience. Right PCB manufacturers will have all the knowledge related to PCB layout, fabrication, and assembly. Always choose a partner that understands how to fabricate PCB bare board and PCB assembly by taking into consideration the design intricacies and industry demands that are equally compatible with the project.

Quick Turnaround Time Production

But having the PCB production skills and experience is just the first factor. The PCB manufacturer should also have the capability to produce PCBs in a short lead time. Equipment, engineers, workers, and administration systems should all be tailored to achieve this goal.

Time management is the most important factor in quick-turn PCB fabrication for PCB manufacturers. The fabrication process has a lot of steps ranging from creating the circuitry images to layering, laminating, drilling, copper plating, testing, surface treatment and solder masking. However, that does not mean that the fabricator should compromise on the deadline.

Always choose a PCB fabricator with an idea about using quick and simplified processes to increase production speed without sacrificing product quality. Look for the one that is good with turnaround time because it matters a lot in a quick turn PCB fabrication to meet customers’ deadlines.


You cannot manufacture a high-quality circuit board unless you partner with a skilled PCB fabricator. Always remember that skilled people have the right qualifications and the same is the case with PCB production. Make sure your selected PCB fabrication partner possesses the required certifications and adheres to industry standards.

You can ask yourself certain questions before choosing one. For instance, see if they have ISO 9001 or UL certifications. See if they have the demonstrated proficiency with the type of fabrication you are looking for. For example, ISO standards make it evident whether a partner is willing to adhere to industry best practices. Collaborating with a fabricator who has earned UL certification is a great accessory in PCB production.

Perfect Quality Control Procedures

Quality control procedures are the most important factor to think about when selecting a PCB manufacturer, such as incoming material quality inspection, quality control and inspection in the production line, and inspections and testing after the PCBs are finished. Eventually, the fabrication of the board will enhance the overall life expectancy and performance of PCB.

Also, we should ask if they are indeed able to verify the design by providing the first article inspection FAI, final electronic testing, cross-sections and inspections. At the same time, you need to see if your chosen fabricator has special quality controls in quick-turn prototyping. Before going for mass production always test out a few designs to save yourself additional costs and non-professional fabrication.

PCB Fabrication

Up-to-date Equipment

Next before hiring any PCB fabricator ask them about the technology and equipment that they use. The fabrication should use equipment which meets the latest industry standards because that will enhance precision and efficiency. See if the partner has the required equipment and tools according to the requirements of your projects because they matter for high-quality printed circuit board production.

Flexibility and Scalability

Keep in mind that the production speed and design of your PCB project can change at any given time. It is important to choose a partner that has the capacity or capability to increase the output when the demand or project changes without any compromise on the quality.

Remember a fabricator who is flexible enough to handle production is an ideal partner. At the same time go for the one that is apt for communication. Choose a partner who provides you with regular reports and answers to your queries. Always remember a cooperative atmosphere helps make projects better.

Cost Structure and Cost-saving

You should review the cost structure for the expedited quick turn PCB fabrication. Always verify that the pricing offered by your partner is within your budget and according to the project. Ensure there are all the details regarding any classifications or fees that may be received in the production process.

Of course, we always need to take cost into consideration and find the best quick-turn PCB production partner with the highest quality and competitive pricing.

Reviews from Other Clients

Also, it is always a good idea to see if any of the clients have worked with the PCB fabricator before. You should see references or reviews from them so there is enough evidence of the partner’s dependability, customer service, and level of satisfaction.

Do not forget to evaluate both the positive and negative feedback so you have a clear idea about the weaknesses and strengths of your fabrication partner.


It does not matter how good your PCB design is; without the PCB manufacturer, you won’t be able to go through the best products. It is always a good idea to go for a reliable PCB fabrication partner to have a successful project; however, finding one is not an easy task. Most of the time people have no idea what to look for when choosing the right quick-turn PCB fabrication partner for their project. We have given some wonderful tips that you can use to choose your fabrication partner, especially for your quick-turn PCB projects. Use them wisely.

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