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Regeneration of dead battery in notebook – Tutorial

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Many people are facing the problem of dead batteries on their personal computers. Some batteries hold very briefly, without fulfilling their role, and transforming our laptop into a desktop computer that must be constantly connected to the electrical network. There is a way to solve this problem. This article will present a method for regenerating dead batteries from a laptop. I searched others method like EZ battery reconditioning and you can check them after this tutorial.

In this test, I will use Acer Extensa 4220 laptop, which battery is not suitable for normal use and has been completely destroyed. The battery can not charge up to 1% for now, when the laptop is disconnected from the electrical network, the laptop turns off immediately. So a battery that can no longer be used for normal using will be used in the testing process.

The things that we will need to regenerate the laptop battery are few, and they are: freezer, aluminum foil, a small amount of time about 2 hours. The method itself is very easy and does not require much effort.

The figure below shows the battery that was used for the test.

Acer battery
Acer battery

Dead battery regeneration process by freezing:

  1. Remove the battery from the laptop in which you want to regenerate the dead battery.
  2. Wait for the battery to cool down. The battery can not be warm.
  3. Wrap the battery pins in the aluminum foil to protect them from water during the defrosting process.
  4. Insert the wrapped in foil battery for 50-minute in the freezer.
  5. Pull the battery out of the freezer after 50 minutes.
  6. Thaw the battery. Check that there is no drop of water left after the defrosting process.
  7. Replace the battery back into the laptop.

Check the dead battery regeneration effect

After regeneration process, we will insert the battery back to the laptop and connect the laptop to the power supply. Then we turn on the laptop to see if the battery is charging and the charging process has started properly. Thanks to the freezing process the battery has allowed to charge up to 100% of its capacity. Also after disconnecting the power adapter from the laptop, everything worked fine and the laptop did not turn off.

To fully verify how the battery works now, you will be using the BatteryCare software to check parameters of the battery.

BatteryCare software

The capacity of the frozen battery increased 15 times, which is not the expected result. Checking other bookmarks shows us a bit more information explaining this amount of parameter.

The program shows about 31 hours of work on a single charge which compared to 2 hours of original battery operation is a bit strange result. After using the laptop for about 15 minutes, the battery charge has started to drop and reached 95%, and immediately after that, the battery died abruptly to 5%. After this process, the laptop turned on hibernation and needed to connect to the power supply. As a last resort, it turned out that the process of regenerating the dead battery damaged the sensors responsible for monitoring the battery status, so the program shows the wrong information. However, by using this process, the battery can be recharged freely to 100% of its capacity.

The dead battery regeneration process provides measurable results in the form of battery recovery, the ability to charge up to 100% and laptop operation on the battery for about 20 minutes. These are not the results that restore the battery to its original state, but they are satisfactory and allow the battery to be used as a so-called, UPS.

There are other ways to repair damaged batteries. You can meet various guides of people who deal with it every day. There is a method called EZ Battery Reconditioning, which shows how to regenerate the battery in different ways. Visit http://rcrddeals.com/ez-battery-reconditioning-guide-review/ to find out more about this guide and expert help. In this guide, you will learn how to recycle a dead battery not only from laptops, but also from smartphones batteries or other types of recycle batteries.


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