NewsSlimDPAK TO-252AE ultrafast recovery rectifiers with better power density and thermal performance

SlimDPAK TO-252AE ultrafast recovery rectifiers with better power density and thermal performance

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Vishay has introduced new ultrafast recovery rectifiers with two variants of 200V and 600V. Models have been adapted to the automotive industry, are available for industrial and commercial users. The housing of all models has been reduced, now the package TO-252AE. Despite the reduction in the size of the rectifiers, the thermal parameters, power, and efficiency were improved.

TO-252AE ultrafast recovery rectifiers

13 new models of rectifiers have good forward currents of 10 A for 200 V and 15 A for 600 V, respectively, with a profile height of 1.3 mm. The surface of the heat sink was increased by 14%, which improved the thermal resistance parameters. Product size decreased by 43%, allowing designers to design smaller devices more freely. Rectifier versions with 15 A forward current can be used as an alternative for D2PAK enclosures.

TO-252AE ultrafast recovery rectifiers

The operating temperature of the rectifiers is -55 ° C to +175 ° C. All models provide very fast recovery times up to 14 ns and low amount of return recovery charges. The lowest forward voltage can drop to 0.71 V at 4 A current consumption, resulting in low power losses and very good efficiency. The AEC-Q101 rectifiers have been specially adapted for use in the automotive industry, in particular the control of ECU motors, ABS systems, DC/DC converters and HID dashboards as well as LED lighting. Commercial and industrial versions can also be used as power sources for the telecommunications industry.

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