NewsSTMicro Introduces STM32WBA Microcontrollers with Advanced Connectivity and Compliance to Cybersecurity Standards

STMicro Introduces STM32WBA Microcontrollers with Advanced Connectivity and Compliance to Cybersecurity Standards

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In a significant technological leap, STMicroelectronics has launched its STM32WBA series of microcontrollers, starting with STM32WBA52, STM32WBA54, and STM32WBA55 devices. These devices stand out as an innovative family of Arm Cortex-M33 wireless microcontrollers equipped with Bluetooth LE 5.4, Zigbee, Thread, and Matter connectivity.

These new microcontrollers have successfully achieved the SESIP (Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms) Level 3 security certification. This accomplishment ensures their compliance with the US Cyber Trust Mark and EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED) regulations, which are set to become mandatory in 2025.

Specifications and Features

The STM32WBA54 and STM32WBA55 microcontrollers operate at 100MHz and come with up to 1MB of flash memory. They support the Arm TrustZone architecture, which isolates secure processes and storage. These models also incorporate a background autonomous mode, flexible power-saving states, and the analog and digital peripherals found in STMicro’s STM32U5 ultra-low-power microcontrollers.

Key specifications of the STM32WBA54 and STM32WBA55 include Arm Cortex-M33 at 100MHz with FPU and DSP, up to 128KB SRAM, up to 1 MB flash, and comprehensive wireless Bluetooth Low Energy 5.4 Long Range (LR) capabilities. They also support multiple concurrent modes and come with extensive peripheral and security features.

Power Management and Consumption

These microcontrollers demonstrate efficient power management with a supply voltage range of 1.71 V to 3.6V, LDO/DCDC support, and switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) for low-power applications (available only in STM32WB55). Power consumption is impressively low, with a standby mode of less than 140 nA, a full RAM ULP-mode of 0.9 μA, and a running mode at 100MHz consuming only 30 µA/MHz.

Variations and Applications

The STM32WBA52 microcontroller is a cost-effective version with Bluetooth LE 5.4 radio only, fewer peripherals, and different power consumption levels. The STM32WBA55, on the other hand, is an excellent candidate for Matter border routers. With Bluetooth LE Audio and Bluetooth Auracast support, the STM32WBA32 is expected to be found in portable audio devices such as earbuds.

The STM32WBA series enhances STMicro’s existing range of STM32 wireless microcontrollers, building upon the BlueNRG series as shown in the illustration below.

Software Development Tools and Development Boards

STMicro also offers software development tools such as STM32CubeWBA, STM32CubeMX, STM32CubeMonRF, and STM32CubeProg, as well as STM32WBA52 and STM32WBA55 development boards with Arduino headers. These tools facilitate code generation, power calculation, performance monitoring, ratio testing, and application programming.

Availability and Pricing

STMicro has announced that samples are currently available, with pricing requests to be directed to the company’s sales office. The NUCLEO-WBA52CG development board is now available for purchase at $61.25 on STMicro’s eStore. Additionally, an STM32WBA module comprising necessary external components, including power supply and antenna-balancing circuitry, is slated to become available in June 2024.

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