NewsIntroducing TLP3412SRLA: A Novel Photo-Relay with Unique Capabilities

Introducing TLP3412SRLA: A Novel Photo-Relay with Unique Capabilities

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The newly introduced TLP3412SRLA establishes itself as a powerful player in the world of semiconductors. This unique component exhibits a nominal operating voltage of 1.8V while drawing a mere 6.6mA, demonstrating its energy-efficient characteristics.

Within the TLP3412SRLA resides a single Form-A (normally-open) AC or DC contact. This feature showcases the ability to efficiently manage 48V, or a continuous 400mA. Furthermore, it can handle a substantial pulse of 1.2A, underlining its high capacity and robust handling capabilities.

Switching and Isolation Voltage

The TLP3412SRLA exhibits an impressive on-state resistance, typically clocking in at 1Ω. It showcases swift switching capabilities, with on-off times being recorded at 350 and 150μs respectively. This quick switching time further enhances the efficiency and performance of this unique component.

Furthermore, the isolation voltage of the TLP3412SRLA is a minimum of 500Vrms, a testimony to its strength and resilience in maintaining proper functionality despite potential fluctuations in the operating environment.

Operating Conditions and Packaging

The TLP3412SRLA is designed to withstand harsh conditions, capable of operating at temperatures up to +125°C. This feature makes it highly suitable for applications where it is subject to high ambient temperatures, such as when placed on the probe card for testing semiconductors.

In terms of packaging, the TLP3412SRLA is compactly packed in a 1.45 x 2 x 1.4mm S-VSON4 package, making it highly space-efficient and convenient for integration into a variety of systems.

Potential Applications

The versatile nature of the TLP3412SRLA makes it ideal for use in programmable logic controllers. Toshiba, the company behind the TLP3412SRLA, has suggested its potential use in testing semiconductors at elevated temperatures, demonstrating the component’s adaptability to different application scenarios.

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