NewsMYiR Unveils MYC-LT527 System-on-Module and MYD-LT527 Development Board

MYiR Unveils MYC-LT527 System-on-Module and MYD-LT527 Development Board

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MYiR has introduced its compact MYC-LT527 System-on-Module (SoM), powered by Allwinner T527 octa-core Arm Cortex-A55 SoC. This SoM boasts a 2 TOPS AI accelerator, up to 4GB RAM, 32GB flash, and a land grid array (LGA) consisting of 381 pads. These pads offer a variety of interfaces for displays and cameras, networking, USB, and PCIe, among others.

In addition to the SoM, MYiR has also launched the MYD-LT527 development board. This board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the Allwinner T527 CPU module. It is suitable for various applications, including industrial robots, energy and power management, medical equipment, display and controller machines, edge AI boxes and boards, automotive dashboards, and embedded devices that require media and AI functionalities.

Specifications of MYC-LT527 Allwinner T527 System-on-Module

The SoM features an Octa-core Arm Cortex-A55 processor, with four cores operating at 1.80 GHz and four cores at 1.42GHz. It also includes an E906 RISC-V core, capable of reaching up to 200 MHz and a 600MHz HIFI4 Audio DSP. The GPU is an Arm Mali-G57 MC1 GPU, and there is an optional AI accelerator offering up to 2 TOPS NPU.

The system memory can either be 2GB or 4GB LPDDR4, and the storage can be 16GB or 32GB eMMC flash, with a 32Kbit EEPROM. The 381-pad LGA package comes with a variety of interfaces including HDMI 2.0, eDP, LVDS, RGB, MIPI-DSI, Parallel CSI, MIPI-CSI, and numerous audio outputs and inputs. The module also includes networking, USB, and PCIe interfaces, along with 24x 12-bit GPADC, 2x 6-bit LRADC, 2x DACs, and 3x ADCs, among others.

Software Updates and Availability

MYiR announces that Android 13 is ready for use, with a Yocto-based Linux 5.15 image with Qt expected to be available in April 2024. Ubuntu/Debian images should be ready by May 2024. However, it’s worth noting that the software is already outdated before launch, with Uboot 2018.07, Linux 5.15.104 (March 2022), and the source code for the drivers is also provided to customers.

MYD-LT527 Development Board

The MYD-LT527 development board features the MYC-LT527 system-on-module. It offers a MicroSD card slot for additional storage and a variety of video output and input interfaces. The board also comes with Audio, Networking, USB, and Serial ports. It also includes 40-pin “RPI interface” and “Mi Fans Pi interface” headers with various functionalities.

MYiR Tech is selling the MYC-LT527 module for $40 to $89 depending on the selected configuration, and the development kit for $79 to $119. More details and purchase links can be found on the product page.

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