NewsMele Launches Overclock4C Mini PC with Enhanced Power Limits for Superior Performance

Mele Launches Overclock4C Mini PC with Enhanced Power Limits for Superior Performance

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Introduction to Mele Overclock4C Mini PC

In a significant development for compact computing devices, Mele has introduced the Overclock4C, an Intel Processor N95 Alder Lake-N powered mini PC. It stands out with its ultra-slim profile at just 21mm and has the distinct feature of allowing users to adjust the power limits PL1 and PL2 through the BIOS/UEFI. This customization enables performance enhancement without altering the peak frequency of the processor.

Concept and Design Continuity

The Overclock4C follows the conceptual footsteps of its predecessor, the MeLE Overclock3C. The prior model supported an uprated thermal design power (TDP) for the Celeron N5095 Jasper Lake processor, elevating it to 18W from the standard 15W. The Overclock4C adopts a similar design philosophy, purportedly increasing the Processor N95’s TDP to 20 Watts as indicated by Intel Ark resources, which results in a 33% performance increment relative to the Celeron N5095.

Hardware Specifications

The mini PC is offered with memory options of 16GB or 32GB DDR4 and storage configurations combining a 256GB eMMC flash with a 256GB SSD. These specifications cater to a range of uses, from casual computing tasks to more demanding applications that benefit from the enhanced memory and storage capacity.

Software and Compatibility

Equipped with Windows 11 Pro out of the box, the Overclock4C uses a permanent OEM key, aligning with the current standards in pre-loaded operating systems. The mini PC also maintains compatibility with recent Linux distributions, contingent upon the resolution of any potential driver issues that may arise during installation or use.

Power Delivery and Connectivity

Unique to the Overclock4C is its power input mechanism. While many mini PCs utilize a 12V input from various USB-C adapters, this device includes a 12V DC USB-C adapter and claims compliance with the USB PD 3.0 standard, supporting 12V and 18V profiles. Notably, the apparent exclusion of 5V support suggests that the mini PC is compatible with USB PD adapters that provide a minimum of 36W, catering to the device’s power requirements efficiently.

Implications for the Mini PC Market

The introduction of the Overclock4C by Mele represents an evolutionary step in the mini PC market, offering a balance between compact design and enhanced performance. The ability to increase power limits while conserving processor frequency adds a new dimension to the performance capabilities of ultra-slim computing devices. With this release, Mele positions the Overclock4C as a versatile tool for both professional and leisure applications, appealing to a broad spectrum of users seeking power in a small form factor.

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