NewsVishay introduces a new series of Snap-in Power Aluminum Capacitors

Vishay introduces a new series of Snap-in Power Aluminum Capacitors

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Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. on 16th of May 2018 has introduced a new series of miniature snap-in power aluminum electrolytic capacitors: 259 PHM-SI. As Vishay states, they are ideal for power supplies, solar inverters, and industrial motor controls. Aforementioned series combine 30% higher ripple current than components from previous-generation. They are also characterized by a long useful life.

With ripple currents up to 4.42 A, these devices allow designers to utilize fewer components to save board space what lowers overall costs. Their long useful life of 3000 hours at 105 °C permits demanding applications requiring more than 10 years of lifetime from capacitors in ambient temperatures to 60 °C.

Featuring a cylindrical aluminum case, insulated with a blue sleeve, 259 PHM-SI series devices feature rated voltages to 500 V in 25 compact case sizes ranging from 22 mm by 25 mm to 35 mm by 60 mm.

As polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a non-solid electrolyte, they can be used for buffering, filtering, and energy storage in compact power applications that include power supplies for server farms or industrial tools such as plasma cutters; motor drives for compressors in industrial cooling systems; and industrial lamp drivers for UV water treatment systems.

Device Specification Table:

Case size (D x L in mm) 22 x 25 to 35 x 60
Capacitance range 39 µF to 2200 µF
Tolerance ± 20 %
Ripple current at 100 Hz and +105 °C 0.53 A to 4.42 A
Rated voltage 200 V to 500 V
Category temperature range -40 °C to +105 °C
Useful life at +105 °C 3000 h
Max. ESR at 100 Hz 80 mΩ to 3.31 Ω
Max. impedance at 10 kHz 60 mΩ to 2.44 Ω
Sectional specification IEC 60384-4/EN130300
Climatic category IEC 60068 40/105/56


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