NewsAnalog Devices introduces Low-Power Single-Channel 16-Bit Digital-Analog Converter

Analog Devices introduces Low-Power Single-Channel 16-Bit Digital-Analog Converter

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Analog Devices, Inc. on the 15th of May, 2018 has introduced the AD5758 digital-to-analog converter (DAC). It incorporates the Analog Devices’s second-generation Dynamic Power Control to enable high density AOUT modules without requiring de-rating (the need of turning off channels due to thermal build up). This brings lower costs and more compact designs. Aforementioned DAC with Dynamic Power Control is designed for channel-to-channel isolated industrial applications in factory automation, process automation, and motor control. The AD5758 is this company’s lowest power industrial DAC.

It’s small size (5 mm x 5 mm) creates the smallest footprint in the industry. Its robust construction requires fewer external protection components, that supports lower-cost and smaller designs. Analog Devices states, that it’s engineered with advanced diagnostics that provide visibility to system performance for higher reliability and planned maintenance schedules. The AD5758 also includes output fault protection circuits to safeguard the DAC in the event of a miswire incident.

AD5758 Product Highlights:

  • Lowest power industrial DAC
  • Integrated diagnostics for high system reliability
  • Built-in miswire protection
  • 0.05% TUE – 2 times better than industry standard


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