NewsSTMicroelectronics Unveils Advanced SiC Power Modules for Automotive Innovations

STMicroelectronics Unveils Advanced SiC Power Modules for Automotive Innovations

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STMicroelectronics has introduced its latest technological feat: the ACEPACK 1DMT-32 series of silicon carbide (SiC) power modules. Designed meticulously in a 32-pin, dual-inline, molded, through-hole layout, these modules are set to revolutionize automotive applications, specifically targeting on-board chargers (OBC), DC/DC converters, fluid pumps, and air conditioning systems.

The game-changing ACEPACK 1DMT-32 family offers unparalleled advantages such as superior power density, a streamlined design, and straightforward assembly. Adding to the array of benefits, the modules come in a versatile range of configurations: four-pack, six-pack, and the totem-pole.

A cornerstone of this innovation is the integration of 1200V SiC power switches, enriched by ST’s cutting-edge second and third-generation SiC MOSFET technology. This assures impressively low RDS(on) values. Additionally, these devices showcase efficient switching capabilities with an incredibly limited temperature dependency, paving the way for heightened efficiency and reliability at the converter system level.

Further enhancing the value proposition, STMicroelectronics has ingeniously integrated its tried-and-tested ACEPACK technology into these modules, translating into significant savings in system and design development expenditures without compromising on reliability. The packaging technique features a high-caliber aluminum nitride (AlN) insulated substrate, ensuring optimal thermal performance. An added layer of innovation is the embedded NTC sensor, which offers precise temperature monitoring, safeguarding against potential thermal anomalies.

The inaugural product under the ACEPACK DMT-32 umbrella, aptly named M1F45M12W2-1LA, made its debut today, with plans for mass production commencing in Q4’23. Other promising contenders in the series, including M1F80M12W2-1LA, M1TP80M12W2-2LA, M1P45M12W2-1LA, M1P80M12W2-1LA, and M1P30M12W3-1LA, are currently in the sampling phase, gearing up for large-scale production starting Q1’24. The pricing structure will be contingent upon the specific configuration.

In essence, the ACEPACK 1DMT-32 series by STMicroelectronics stands as a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence, poised to set new benchmarks in the realm of automotive technology.

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