NewsOnsemi and Renesas Collaborate to Propel Semi-Automated Vehicle Safety

Onsemi and Renesas Collaborate to Propel Semi-Automated Vehicle Safety

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Leading semiconductor manufacturer, onsemi, has unveiled a major integration of its state-of-the-art Hyperlux™ Image Sensor Family with Renesas’ cutting-edge R-Car V4x Platform. This innovative merger seeks to significantly amplify the vision capabilities of semi-automated vehicles, ensuring heightened safety levels on the roads.

Both onsemi and Renesas have been recognized for their forward-thinking emphasis on safety systems and the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Their collaborative approach ensures that automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier1s are equipped with unparalleled sensor performance backed by a sophisticated system-on-a-chip (SoC).

The Hyperlux image sensors, boasting a remarkable 2.1 µm pixel size and an industry-leading 150dB ultra high dynamic range (HDR), also include LED flicker mitigation (LFM). These features make the sensors perfectly suited for the stringent demands of automotive applications. When paired with Renesas’ adaptable R-Car software platform, automotive solution providers are presented with the very pinnacle of automotive computation, enabling the efficient execution of applications ranging from ADAS to Level 3 automated driving.

Takeshi Fuse, who leads Business Development for the High Performance Computing, Analog, and Power Solutions Group at Renesas, commented, “onsemi, with its sterling reputation in automotive image sensor tech, is our go-to choice for delivering top-tier system performance, functional safety, and cybersecurity to our clientele.” He added, “The effortless compatibility of onsemi’s Hyperlux sensors with our R-Car V4x Platform and our sustained partnership through next-gen ventures highlight our shared commitment to quality and a long-standing partnership.”

The recent integration is the latest chapter in the two companies’ legacy of collaborative endeavors. Over the years, numerous automotive solutions have witnessed the combined prowess of onsemi and Renesas. Presently, countless vehicles ply the roads, equipped with the synergy of R-Car Gen2 or Gen3 and onsemi image sensors, enhancing features such as front cameras, surround views, and driver monitoring systems (DMS).

Chris Adams, VP of the Automotive Sensing Division at onsemi, said, “Renesas, with its profound insights into automotive applications and comprehensive SoC experience, is the ideal partner to curate solutions resonating with present and futuristic customer needs.” He further elaborated, “Integrating Hyperlux sensors with Renesas’ newest platform underscores our sensors’ pivotal role in ensuring impeccable image quality for ADAS and autonomous driving solutions.”

This partnership between onsemi and Renesas is a testament to the potential of collaborative tech innovation in steering the automotive industry towards a safer and smarter future.

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