NewsQuectel Unveils New Suite of 4G and 5G Antennas for IoT Enhancement

Quectel Unveils New Suite of 4G and 5G Antennas for IoT Enhancement

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In a significant move toward bolstering IoT connectivity solutions, global IoT powerhouse Quectel has launched six innovative 4G and 5G antenna designs. These new antennas span various applications, from cutting-edge 5G to non-terrestrial networks (NTNs), broadening the horizons for customers in the IoT space.

Mr. Norbert Muhrer, the President and CSO of Quectel Wireless Solutions, expressed his excitement about the additions, emphasizing the ever-growing demand for top-tier antennas tailored for IoT applications. He highlighted their competitive pricing, adherence to network specifics in varied frequency bands, and compliance with safety standards such as IP ratings and RoHS and REACH.

Among the introductions:

  • Quectel YC0001CA: A 4G SMD antenna tailored for LTE and NB-IoT networks, compact in design and environment-friendly.
  • Quectel YC0018CA: A 5G SMD antenna designed for the 5G NR Sub-6GHz spectrum. It’s geared for mounting on PCBs and is ideal for MIMO performance when paired with other 5G antennas.
  • Quectel YECN028AA: An NTN or 5G external antenna that boasts of a broad frequency range and has a high emphasis on sensitive environmental deployments.
  • Quectel YEMX223J1A: A versatile 5G combo antenna compatible with older network generations. It’s built for durability and easy integration, offering diverse installation options.
  • Quectel YEMX425J1A: Another 5G combo antenna, larger in size, and compatible with Quectel’s RM520x Series. It’s designed for enduring performance with a robust enclosure.
  • Quectel YSIS001AA: A versatile metal spring antenna compatible with specific LTE applications. It ensures optimal efficiency when mounted.

Quectel reaffirms its commitment to customer-centric solutions, offering extensive antenna design support. This includes simulation, testing, and even custom-manufacturing for distinct antenna needs, ensuring a seamless fit for every IoT application. With these new antenna designs, Quectel aims to solidify its stance as a front-runner in the IoT solutions domain, catering to evolving customer requirements.

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