NewsSTMicroelectronics Launches TSC1641: A Precision Digital Monitor for Enhanced Energy Management

STMicroelectronics Launches TSC1641: A Precision Digital Monitor for Enhanced Energy Management

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Introduction to the TSC1641 Digital Monitor by STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics has recently unveiled the TSC1641, a cutting-edge precision digital monitor. This device is equipped with high-precision input channels and supports the advanced MIPI I3C1 bus interface, setting a new standard in energy monitoring and management across various industrial applications.

Optimizing Energy Use in Diverse Applications

The TSC1641 is specifically designed to enhance energy efficiency and reliability in applications such as industrial battery packs, power inverters, DC power supplies, data-center and telecom equipment, and power tools. It achieves this by simultaneously monitoring DC current and DC voltage through a dual-channel 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and computing power internally. The synchronized measurement of current and voltage enables highly accurate power calculations.

Advanced Communication and Alert Features

In addition to MIPI I3C, the TSC1641 supports I2C and SMBus host communications. It reports measurements and warns against excessively high or low current, voltage, power, and temperature to prevent circuit damage. The integration of a temperature sensor and an alert pin for warnings reduces the need for external components, making it a more efficient solution.

Versatile Voltage Measurement and Current Monitoring

The TSC1641’s voltage measurement range extends up to 60V, making it suitable for a broad range of industrial environments. Its ability to monitor current with an external shunt resistor allows for flexible high-side, low-side, and bi-directional measurements. The device’s minimal power consumption in shutdown mode, at just 50nA, ensures a negligible impact on overall system power usage.

MIPI I3C Interface and Microcontroller Compatibility

The MIPI I3C interface enables direct connectivity of the TSC1641 to advanced microcontrollers, such as ST’s STM32H5 series, aiding in system supervision. This interface supports data rates up to 12.5MHz and eliminates the need for pull-up resistors, thus contributing to a reduction in the bill of materials and saving board space.

Specifications and Production Details

Specified for operation over a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C, the TSC1641 is currently in production. It is offered at a starting price of $1.83 for quantities of 1000 pieces, packaged in a 3.0mm x 3.0mm plastic DFN10 package.

Exploring the TSC1641: Evaluation Board and Software

Customers can explore the capabilities of the TSC1641 using the STEVAL-DIGAFEV1 evaluation board, priced at $36.00 and available on STMicroelectronics’ website. This board can operate in standalone mode or be connected to a NUCLEO-H503RB STM32 microcontroller development board. Additionally, a graphical user interface (STSW-DIGAFEV1GUI) and sample firmware (STSW-DIGAFEV1FW) are available for the NUCLEO-H503RB, supporting MIPI I3C communication.

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