NewsInfineon's SECORA™ Pay: Revolutionizing Contactless Payments with LED-Enabled Cards

Infineon’s SECORA™ Pay: Revolutionizing Contactless Payments with LED-Enabled Cards

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Emergence of LED-Enhanced Contactless Payment Cards by Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has introduced the SECORA™ Pay security solution, a significant advancement in the realm of contactless payments. This development caters to the rising global trend of tap-and-pay methods, offering card inlays integrated with LEDs. This Visa- and Mastercard-certified product enables banks to create unique and eye-catching payment cards, enhancing the user experience with visual feedback during transactions.

Enhancing Payment Card User Experience and Brand Recognition

Tolgahan Yildiz, Vice President of Trusted Mobile Connectivity and Transactions at Infineon, emphasizes the high standards of digital payment users in terms of convenience, performance, and security. The SECORA Pay portfolio addresses these needs while introducing innovative system-level features. These include plug-and-play LED inlays that illuminate during payment transactions, thereby making card payments more interactive and secure. This not only improves the user experience but also boosts brand recognition.

Technology Behind SECORA Pay’s Innovation

The SECORA Pay product portfolio incorporates a security controller with certified software integrated into Coil-on-Module (CoM) chip modules. It offers standardized inlays for streamlined card production, fast contactless transaction speeds, and high performance. The portfolio now allows card manufacturers to strategically position white LEDs, which can be customized with different colors using printing foil to further enhance brand identity.

Energy-Efficient LED Illumination and Scalable Integration

The LED illumination in these payment cards is ingeniously powered by the POS terminal’s NFC field, negating the need for battery power. This feature makes the product environmentally friendly and more convenient for users. Furthermore, the SECORA Pay family can be seamlessly integrated into a card manufacturer’s production process with minimal adjustments, thereby improving scalability. It also facilitates quick and easy integration into EMVCo compliant dual interface cards, including a simplified certification process for faster market entry.

Revolutionizing the Contactless Payment Landscape

Infineon’s introduction of LED-enabled payment cards represents a groundbreaking shift in the contactless payment landscape. The SECORA Pay solution not only elevates the security and efficiency of digital transactions but also adds a novel aesthetic dimension to payment cards. As the world increasingly embraces contactless payment methods, such innovations are poised to redefine user experiences and brand engagement in the financial sector.

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