NewsSTMicroelectronics Introduces High-Current Motor-Drive Series for Advanced Appliances

STMicroelectronics Introduces High-Current Motor-Drive Series for Advanced Appliances

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STMicroelectronics has unveiled its latest high-current motor-drive series, debuting two STSPIN9 devices aimed at top-tier industrial, home, and professional appliances. These new devices promise to enhance motor driving capabilities while optimizing the costs.

In-Depth Look at the New Series

The 4.5A STSPIN948 and 5.0A STSPIN958, the two innovative additions to the STSPIN9 series, combine PWM control logic and a powerful 58V power stage. These are further complemented by system protection and dual operational amplifiers, enhancing current sensing. With capabilities to drive both brushed DC motors and bipolar stepper motors, these integrated circuits (ICs) present unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

  • STSPIN948: Packed with two full bridges, this IC provides developers with unparalleled flexibility in driving a wide range of motor configurations. Sporting a 7mm x 7mm VQFPN48 packaging, it boasts five distinct operational modes, catering to varying needs.
  • STSPIN958: The 5.0A IC, encased in a 5mm x 5mm VFQFPN32 package, features a single full bridge, offering versatility in motor operations. It supports seven distinct driving methods, ranging from controlling two unidirectional motors to handling higher-current unidirectional motors.

Wide Applications and Enhanced Features

These state-of-the-art motor drivers, given their expansive operating-voltage range and adaptability, are apt for diverse industrial needs. From household robots, stage lighting, ATM machines, to textile industry equipment and vending machines, the possibilities are vast.

Furthermore, the designers can optimize the output transistors’ slew rate, ensuring a balance between power usage and electromagnetic compatibility. With built-in dead time to avert shoot-through issues and each MOSFET boasting a mere 200mΩ on-resistance, the devices ensure optimal efficiency. A quick propagation delay of 280ns also guarantees a rapid system response.

Safety remains paramount, as both ICs come with protection features against overcurrent, overheating, and short-circuits. The under-voltage lockout (UVLO) feature further enhances their reliability.

Development and Pricing

To aid developers in harnessing the full potential of these devices, STMicroelectronics offers affordable evaluation boards. The EVSPIN948 caters to dual motor needs using the STSPIN948, while the EVSPIN958 is tailored for a single motor using the STSPIN958. Each board is designed for seamless integration with most STM32 Nucleo boards and is compatible with the Arduino® UNO R3 connector.

The STSPIN958 is priced at $1.42, and the STSPIN948 at $2.35, for bulk orders of 1000 units.

This launch is a testament to STMicroelectronics’ commitment to innovating and providing advanced solutions to meet modern industrial and household needs.

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