NewsDH-Robotics and Infineon Unveil Advanced Electric Grippers for Greener Manufacturing

DH-Robotics and Infineon Unveil Advanced Electric Grippers for Greener Manufacturing

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As the world continues to evolve towards a more sustainable future, the introduction of innovative manufacturing techniques is critical. DH-Robotics, in collaboration with Infineon Technologies AG, has made a significant stride in this direction by launching a series of advanced electric grippers. These grippers are anticipated to bring forth a wave of transformation in the industrial manufacturing domain.

Electric Grippers: The Future of Manufacturing

Traditional pneumatic grippers, while effective, have limitations in terms of sustainability and adaptability. The newly introduced electric grippers are set to change that. They are characterized by their precision, flexibility, energy efficiency, and safety, especially crucial in industries that demand high precision in handling delicate components.

Benefits of these electric grippers include:

  • Versatility: They’re adjustable for a myriad of tasks, ultimately reducing costs and supporting green manufacturing goals.
  • Enhanced Safety: Automated environments can benefit from the built-in safety features, promoting both worker and equipment protection.
  • Efficiency: With fewer parts that move, the maintenance needs are minimal, pushing productivity to a higher level. Their integration capabilities with automated systems ensure optimum production and quality.
  • Sustainability: Their energy-efficient design is in line with eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

A Collaborative Achievement

Both Infineon and DH-Robotics are enthusiastic about their collaboration. Yao Zhicheng, from Infineon Greater China, emphasized Infineon’s commitment to aiding DH-Robotics in creating market-leading products. Dr. Sun Jie of DH-Robotics mirrored this sentiment, praising Infineon’s prowess in chip technologies.

Infineon’s solution incorporates a range of products, from MOSFET technology, EtherCAT® microcontrollers, Hall effect sensors, to gate driver ICs. A standout feature is the OptiMOS™ 5 80 V power MOSFETs, which, with their enhanced properties, are ideal for high-frequency switching applications. Infineon’s MCUs, including the XMC™ XMC4000 family, further the efficiency of these grippers with higher computing capacity and swifter communication capability.

Applications and Impact

DH-Robotics’ electric grippers have already made an entry into mass production. They are prominently used in equipment testing in sectors like the 3C industry and lithium battery products. Known for their high-power density and compact design, these electric grippers are set to redefine precision machining and assembly in industrial settings.

Their design ensures they are easy to install, compatible with various systems, and epitomize the plug-and-play model, which enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In conclusion, the joint endeavor of DH-Robotics and Infineon Technologies AG stands as a testament to the kind of technological advancement that is both forward-thinking and environmentally conscious. It signifies a major step towards a smarter and greener industrial future.

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