UncategorizedSIGLENT Unveils SDS7000A Oscilloscope Series: A Breakthrough in High-Speed Signal Analysis

SIGLENT Unveils SDS7000A Oscilloscope Series: A Breakthrough in High-Speed Signal Analysis

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Introduction to SDS7000A Oscilloscope Series

SIGLENT has introduced the SDS7000A Oscilloscope series, encompassing a range of high-performance features that set a new standard in signal analysis. Offering 4 analog channels and 16 digital channels, the series includes models with bandwidths of 3GHz and 4GHz, catering to a wide array of design applications and testing requirements.

Advanced Technical Specifications

  • High sampling rate of 20GSa/s, ensuring minimal signal distortion.
  • 12-bit vertical resolution by hardware, providing clear waveform details and accurate measurements.
  • Impressive storage depth options of 500 Mpts/ch (standard) and 1 Gpts/ch (optional).
  • Low noise floor of 220μVrms at 4 GHz bandwidth, optimizing signal clarity.
  • Exceptional waveform capture rate up to 1 million wfm/s for efficient event capturing.

Enhanced User Experience

Equipped with a 15.6-inch high-definition touch screen, the SDS7000A series ensures efficient setting adjustments and improves overall user efficiency. The touch screen interface allows for quick navigation and analysis of captured data.

Innovative Platform and Analysis Tools

  • All-New High-Speed Platform: Featuring an upgraded X86 processor, the SDS7000A series boasts improved response speed, measurement accuracy, operation, and analysis capabilities.
  • Eye/Jitter Analysis: This series offers comprehensive eye diagram and jitter analysis, crucial for signal integrity analysis in high-speed systems.
  • Protocol Consistency Analysis: Embedded compliance test solutions for standards such as USB 2.0, and Ethernet standards, enable users to conduct thorough and automated signal testing.

SAP5000D Active Differential Probe

The SAP5000D, SIGLENT’s high-performance active differential probe, complements the SDS7000A series. Providing up to 5 GHz of bandwidth and low noise, it ensures detailed signal analysis. Its high input resistance and low input capacitance minimize the load introduced by the measurement system, making it an ideal choice for the SDS5000X, SDS6000A, and SDS7000A series oscilloscopes.

Impact on Signal Analysis and Testing

The introduction of the SDS7000A Oscilloscope series by SIGLENT represents a significant leap forward in the field of signal analysis and testing. With its advanced features, this series is poised to become an indispensable tool for engineers and professionals involved in high-speed system design and testing.

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