NewsPower Integrations Launches New Gate Drivers for High-Voltage Inverter Applications

Power Integrations Launches New Gate Drivers for High-Voltage Inverter Applications

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Power Integrations Unveils Advanced Gate Drivers for SiC MOSFET and IGBT Modules

Power Integrations (NASDAQ: POWI), renowned for its gate-driver technology, today announced the release of a new family of plug-and-play gate drivers. Designed for 62 mm silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFET and silicon IGBT modules rated up to 1700 V, these gate drivers boast enhanced protection features, ensuring safe and reliable operation in high-voltage inverter applications.

Enhanced Protection with SCALE™-2 2SP0230T2x0 Gate Drivers

The SCALE™-2 2SP0230T2x0 dual-channel gate drivers offer robust short-circuit protection, activating in less than two microseconds to shield compact SiC MOSFETs from over-currents. The drivers also feature advanced active clamping (AAC) to protect against over-voltage during turn-off, facilitating higher DC link operating voltages.

Versatility and Efficiency in Design

Thorsten Schmidt, product marketing manager at Power Integrations, highlights the flexibility of the 2SP0230T2x0 gate drivers, compatible with both SiC MOSFET and IGBT modules. This adaptability reduces system design and sourcing challenges while accelerating development with their plug-and-play approach.

Applications and Technology Integration

Suitable for railway auxiliary converters, offboard EV chargers, and STATCOM voltage regulators for the power grid, these gate drivers leverage Power Integrations’ proven SCALE-2 technology. This results in a compact, highly integrated design, measuring 134 x 62 mm, and offering reinforced isolation at 1700 V for enhanced system reliability.

Advancing High-Voltage Inverter Solutions

The 2SP0230T2x0 gate drivers represent a significant advancement in gate-driver technology, offering higher voltage operation and improved protection features. Their introduction marks a milestone in Power Integrations’ commitment to innovating high-voltage inverter solutions.

With the launch of the new gate drivers, Power Integrations continues to set the standard in gate-driver technology for medium- and high-voltage inverter applications. The 2SP0230T2x0 series exemplifies the company’s dedication to providing safe, efficient, and reliable solutions in the evolving landscape of high-voltage power electronics.

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