NewsMelexis Unveils MLX90394 Triaxis® Micropower Magnetometer

Melexis Unveils MLX90394 Triaxis® Micropower Magnetometer

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Introducing the MLX90394 Triaxis® Micropower Magnetometer by Melexis

Melexis has announced the release of the MLX90394 Triaxis® micropower magnetometer, a cutting-edge Hall-effect based sensor. This compact sensor is designed to offer an optimal balance between low noise, current consumption, and cost, making it an ideal solution for various control applications in gaming and industrial settings.

Revolutionizing Control with Contactless Technology

The MLX90394 provides a reliable and flexible alternative to mechanical solutions, addressing common issues like contamination and packaging constraints in traditional potentiometers. It offers versatility in application, suitable for linear, rotary, joystick, and push-button operations. This not only simplifies the supply chain but also extends the lifespan beyond that of conventional potentiometers and contact-based switches.

Advanced Design and Architecture

With its unique design, the magnetometer can measure and output each magnetic axis individually. It features a built-in thermometer for temperature measurement, aiding in digital signal processing (DSP) compensation. The sensor outputs data in 16-bit resolution and supports multiple I2C interface modes for enhanced flexibility.

Low Power Consumption and Innovative Features

Core to the MLX90394 is Melexis’ Triaxis technology, ensuring low noise and efficient 3-axis measurement. Its micropower operation and Wake-up On Change (WOC) functionality allow for accurate transition from Power Down mode to active operation in various application scenarios, including those with slow drift movements.

Seamless Integration and Versatile Applications

The embedded design of the MLX90394 facilitates easy integration into a wide range of devices. It offers high accuracy tracking for both rotational joystick movements and push/slide button applications. Available in two compact UTDFN-6 (LD) packages, the magnetometer is suitable for a wide temperature range and operates effectively in most embedded and IoT electronics environments.

Unprecedented Value and Performance

Minko Daskalov, Product Manager at Melexis, highlights the MLX90394’s value in modern applications. The magnetometer’s compact packaging and efficiency are poised to increase design freedom and simplify integration, paving the way for innovative solutions in computer peripherals, industrial controls, and smart appliances.

Melexis’ MLX90394 Triaxis® micropower magnetometer stands as a testament to innovation in sensor technology, offering unmatched performance, flexibility, and efficiency. Its introduction marks a significant step forward in the design and application of control systems across various industries.

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