NewsSTMicroelectronics Unveils Innovative STM32 ZeST Software Algorithm

STMicroelectronics Unveils Innovative STM32 ZeST Software Algorithm

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Revolutionary Sensorless Motor Control with STM32 ZeST

STMicroelectronics has introduced the STM32 ZeST (Zero Speed Full Torque) software algorithm, a groundbreaking technology for STM32 microcontrollers. This algorithm enables sensorless motor drives to generate full torque at zero speed, a feat not previously possible with general-purpose drives.

Meeting Advanced Equipment Needs

Crucial for equipment like power tools, rolling shutters, washing machines, and e-bikes, the STM32 ZeST algorithm ensures motors start correctly with maximum torque and efficiency. Traditional sensorless drives struggle to determine rotor position at zero speed, but STM32 ZeST overcomes this limitation, eliminating the need for physical position sensors or specific motor types.

Algorithm Functionality and Integration

The STM32 ZeST software algorithm, paired with the High-Sensitivity Observer (HSO) algorithm, allows optimal sensorless control at zero speed for any permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). This embedded software solution requires no additional hardware, relying on the STM32 microcontroller’s capabilities and real-time motor resistance estimation.

Energy Efficiency and Cost-Effective Design

By using STM32 ZeST and HSO algorithms, designers can improve energy efficiency, reduce startup peak currents, and lower the bill of materials. This approach also enhances reliability and reduces acoustic noise compared to drives with Hall sensors.

Demonstration and Hardware Support

STMicroelectronics demonstrates the capabilities of these algorithms with a model showing a sensorless drive starting and moving loads at various speeds, including maintaining zero speed. The demonstration uses an e-scooter wheel to highlight the motor’s direction control and load handling.

Development Tools and Support

For developers, ST offers the B-G473E-ZEST1S control board and STEVAL-LVLP01 power board, designed to evaluate the STM32 ZeST and HSO algorithms’ performance. The control board seamlessly connects to the power board, facilitating the development process for low-power/low-voltage motors.

Comprehensive STM32 Microcontroller Support

STM32 microcontrollers, supported within ST’s motor-control software development kit (MC-SDK), cover a broad performance spectrum. The MC-SDK includes a firmware library and Motor Control Workbench for diverse applications. The HSO algorithm is available in the latest MCSDK release (version 6.2), supporting a wide range of STM.

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