NewsInfineon Unveils PSoC Edge Series Microcontrollers with Advanced AI Capabilities

Infineon Unveils PSoC Edge Series Microcontrollers with Advanced AI Capabilities

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Infineon Launches Advanced PSoC Edge Microcontrollers for AI-Enhanced Applications

Infineon introduces the PSoC Edge series of microcontrollers, featuring the integration of the Arm Cortex-M55 core with Helium DSP and the Ethos U55 NPU unit for advanced AI tasks. This innovative design also includes a power-efficient Arm Cortex-M33 core with an NNLite (DSP/NPU) for simpler AI tasks, ensuring efficiency across various load conditions.

Unique Features of PSoC Edge Microcontrollers

The PSoC Edge series, part of Infineon’s configurable microcontroller lineup, stands out for its unique digital and analog components, akin to an FPGA but with easier programmability and lower power consumption. These microcontrollers boast advanced human-machine interaction capabilities and an “Always-on” feature, making them ideal for applications in smart homes, security, wearables, and robotics.

Key Characteristics of PSoC Edge Microcontrollers

  • Empowered by Arm Cortex-M55 with Helium DSP for efficient processing.
  • AI/ML acceleration with Arm Ethos-U55 and Cortex-M33, plus Infineon’s NNLite.
  • Enhancements in human-machine interaction and contextual awareness.
  • Edge Protect technologies for safety and privacy.
  • “Always-on” sensing for continuous operation.
  • Substantial on-chip memory, including non-volatile RRAM, with external memory support.
  • Scalable design for complex system integration.
  • Support for graphics, voice, audio, and vision-based applications.
  • Easy migration and upgrading within the PSoC Edge family.
  • Comprehensive development support through ModusToolbox software and Imagimob Studio AI solution.

Programming and Development Support

Infineon recommends using ModusToolbox for programming the PSoC Edge series, offering a full suite of development tools and libraries. Developers can also utilize third-party IDEs like Microsoft’s VS Code, IAR’s Embedded Workbench, and Arm’s MDK with uVision IDE. For AI/ML development, Imagimob Studio facilitates building and optimizing AI/ML models for the PSoC platform.

Long-Term Support and Availability

Consistent with other PSoC microcontrollers, the PSoC Edge series provides a long-term support commitment of 15 years, extendable beyond 20 years in many cases. The microcontroller is currently available to early-access customers.

With its advanced AI capabilities and versatile features, Infineon’s PSoC Edge series is set to revolutionize a wide range of technological applications, offering developers innovative solutions for the rapidly evolving AI and machine learning landscape.

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