NewsNoise filter Murata NFZ03SG for smartphone audio circuits

Noise filter Murata NFZ03SG for smartphone audio circuits

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Murata presented noise filters, which are currently the smallest on the market. Their housing has dimensions 0.6×0.3mm. Available on the market will probably in February because production began in January.

Currently, the quality of audio in smartphones is getting better. Phone users choose devices in terms of sound quality. This is one of the most important features of the current smartphone. To obtain pure audio quality, installation of audio interference suppression filters is required. But each stick has two ends, and noise suppression filters cause sound distortion at the audio output.

NFZ03SG SN noise filters are made of the highest quality materials that counteract audio distortions without losing performance in reducing noise at the audio output, delivering high-quality sound.


The NFZ03SG model is designed for the audio outputs of the D class amplifiers. The noise filter operates in the 700 MHz to 2 GHz range, without loss of sound quality through waveform distortion. The specific impedance is set at 900 MHz. The NFZ03SG filter covered with a nickel structure provides a very good heat resistance. The nominal current value is 180 mA to 305 mA. Due to the low DC resistance value, the filter handles high currents.

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