NewsSurge protection configurator from Phoenix Contact for AKP circuits

Surge protection configurator from Phoenix Contact for AKP circuits

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A software for the selection of surge protection configurator from Phoenix Contact for the AKP circuits was created. You can choose from the Termitrab products that perfectly fit into the designed application.

surge protection configurator

The surge protection configurator guide prepared by the manufacturer will provide the required information on the process of creating the project for the desired AKP application. The process is quite simple, the first choice is the type of signal that we want to be protected, the second choice is its type of product. Previously entered configurations have in the database recommendations of products that will meet the set requirements.

If it is not possible to find the desired interface type in the first section, the manufacturer provides us a precise search of interfaces.

The manufacturer gives a more professional protective device type PLUGTRAB PT-IQ and SURGETRAB, which serves as protection for measuring heads. Quick access to the surge protection configurator can be obtained by entering the keyword “#1389” in the search engine on the Phoenix Contact website.

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