NewsNeoPower Introduces Configurable Multi-Output Supplies with Advanced Communication Protocols

NeoPower Introduces Configurable Multi-Output Supplies with Advanced Communication Protocols

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NeoPower’s NP08: A Pioneer in Multi-Output Supplies

NeoPower has launched the first member of its NP family of configurable multi-output supplies. The NP08 model boasts eight output slots for configuration, making it a highly adaptable power solution for various applications. The power supply unit (PSU) delivers a high power density of 18W/inch³, housed in an approximately 283 x 203 x 64mm chassis.

The NP08 accepts a single-phase input voltage, ranging from 90-132Vac and 180-264Vac. This wide range of input voltage acceptance allows a broad spectrum of compatibility and it is poised to provide a robust and flexible power solution for a variety of equipment and applications.

Advanced Communication Capabilities

The NP08 is also equipped with integrated and flexible communication capabilities. It supports a variety of digital communication protocols through optional dongles, eliminating the need for design changes or modifications. This feature makes the NP08 versatile, as it can seamlessly integrate with various systems and equipment.

The PSU supports RS-485 (Modbus RTU), PMbus, and CANbus (CANopen) protocols. The inclusion of these common digital communication protocols enhances the NP08’s adaptability to different digital systems. This level of connectivity makes NP08 an ideal choice for Internet of Things (IoT) applications that require cloud-based monitoring and control, according to the manufacturer, Advanced Energy.

Compliance with Safety Standards

In addition to its advanced features, the NP08 is qualified to all applicable standards. It has received the medical Body Floating (BF) safety rating and complies with the SEMI F47 standard relating to immunity from voltage sag. This ensures that the PSU can operate safely and efficiently even under challenging conditions.

Advanced Energy at APEC

Along with the NP08 ac-dc power supply, Advanced Energy will be showcasing other innovative power solutions at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC). These include hyperscale data center PSUs and a 1.5kJ capacitor charger for medical applications that includes a low-voltage PSU capable of handling up to 2.3kW, and an RF power source for semiconductor etching and deposition processes.

Visit Advanced Energy at booth 842 of the Long Beach Convention Center or attend one of their talks at the associated conference to learn more about these advanced power solutions. 

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