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Magnachip Launches Full-Scale Mass Production of Advanced 30V MOSFETs for Electric Power Steering Systems

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Introduction to Magnachip’s New MOSFETs

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation, a prominent player in the semiconductor industry, recently announced the commencement of full-scale mass production of its latest 30V MXT LV Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs). These advanced components are specifically designed for use in Electronic Control Units (ECUs) of Electric Power Steering (EPS) systems and are currently being utilized by a global automaker.

Enhanced Features of the 30V MXT LV MOSFET

The newly developed 30V MXT LV MOSFET plays a crucial role in stabilizing the power supply to EPS systems, which are integral in aiding a vehicle’s directional control through an electric motor. This product not only meets but exceeds the stringent AEC-Q101 standards, ensuring reliability and durability with an operational junction temperature range of -55°C to 175°C.

Technological Innovations in MOSFET Design

Magnachip’s MOSFET boasts a robust trench MOSFET structure combined with a thick gate oxide. This design results in lower resistance and superior switching characteristics, crucial for reducing switching noise in various applications. The enhanced system performance is marked by high power efficiency, a key factor in modern automotive electronics.

Compact Design and Flexible Integration

Another notable feature of this product is its reduced size, made possible by the integration of a PDFN 33 package measuring 3.3mm x 3.3mm. This compact form factor allows for greater flexibility in the design of ECUs, catering to the evolving demands of the automotive industry.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip, emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering compact, reliable MOSFET solutions for electric power steering systems. This development underscores Magnachip’s distinct technological capabilities and dedication to innovation. The company plans to continue expanding its presence in the automotive sector, focusing on innovative power solutions and maintaining stringent quality control procedures.

Impact on the Automotive Sector

The introduction of Magnachip’s 30V MXT LV MOSFETs is expected to significantly impact the automotive sector, particularly in the realm of electric and autonomous vehicles. The enhanced efficiency and reliability of these components align with the industry’s shift towards more sustainable and advanced vehicular technologies.

Future Prospects

With the successful launch of its new MOSFET product, Magnachip is poised to become a key supplier in the automotive electronics market. The company’s focus on high-quality, innovative solutions is likely to drive further advancements in electric power steering systems, contributing to safer and more efficient vehicles.

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