NewsONiO and Epishine Form Strategic Alliance for Sustainable IoT Technology

ONiO and Epishine Form Strategic Alliance for Sustainable IoT Technology

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Overview of the Partnership

ONiO®, a leader in batteryless microcontroller technology, and Epishine, a Swedish innovator in printed organic solar cells, have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration is aimed at revolutionizing the Internet of Things (IoT) industry by developing 100% batteryless IoT devices. These devices aim to eliminate the harmful environmental impact caused by disposable batteries, presenting a sustainable alternative for the future of technology.

The Convergence of Technologies

The partnership combines ONiO’s advanced ultra-low-power microcontrollers with Epishine’s leading indoor solar cells. This synergy is set to eradicate the issue of battery waste in electronics, introducing a new era of eco-friendly and autonomous devices. The focus is on creating inherently sustainable devices that negate the need for battery replacement or charging, significantly reducing electronic waste and operational costs.

Comments from ONiO’s CEO

Kjetil Meisal, CEO of ONiO, highlighted the partnership as a significant step towards a sustainable technological future. The collaboration, incorporating Epishine’s organic solar cells capable of harnessing energy from low-light conditions, and ONiO’s energy-efficient microcontrollers, represents a fusion of top-tier solar and semiconductor technologies. This initiative is expected to pave the way for the next generation of IoT devices that are sustainable, maintenance-free, and truly autonomous.

Breakthroughs in Microcontroller Technology

Recent tests have shown that’s advanced microcontrollers exhibit remarkable cold start capabilities, activating in mere seconds, a feat unattainable by other technologies that require several minutes. This development significantly enhances user experience by reducing wait times and positions ONiO as a leader in instant-on IoT solutions. This capability is in perfect harmony with Epishine’s organic photovoltaic innovations.

Comments from Epishine’s CEO

Anders Kottenauer, CEO of Epishine, emphasized the significance of the partnership in the journey towards sustainable low-power electronics. The collaboration utilizes ONiO’s ultra-low-power microcontrollers alongside Epishine’s indoor solar cells, setting an innovative example in the IoT industry. The alliance goes beyond technology integration; it represents a shift towards reducing reliance on traditional battery systems and spearheading sustainable electronics.

Shared Vision and Commitment

The partnership between ONiO and Epishine showcases a profound synergy of shared values and a dedication to addressing environmental challenges through technological innovation. Epishine’s commitment to creating sustainable solar cells aligns seamlessly with ONiO’s vision for a battery-free IoT, signaling a significant stride in sustainable technology development.

Future Prospects

The collaboration is a testament to a robust Nordic initiative aimed at propelling sustainable IoT devices across the industry. It invites stakeholders and the public to anticipate further updates and prepare for a new era of sustainable technology.

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