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How to Do Citations in an Essay

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Sometimes it’s unclear what is more difficult: to write a paper and make it interesting, grammatically correct, and filled with useful information, or format it correctly. One of the most challenging parts of the formatting is creating citations. There are quite a lot of nuances when it comes to format, starting with the style according to which you have to write and finishing with the font size.

There are two ways to cope: find a reliable do my essays for me service and order a paper to see how it’s properly done or look for tips and guidelines yourself. We’ll talk about both of them in a minute.

Ordering a Paper Online: How It Can Help with Citations

Some people think that ordering an academic paper online means you’re stealing someone’s work or being a bad student. But in reality, an online company can provide you with a paper that will become a great template for your own works.

Take structure, for example. Sometimes it’s so difficult to find out what the best structure for your, argumentative essay is. By ordering just such a paper, you’re getting a perfect structure, paragraph by paragraph, argument by argument. This will make your writing flawless as a proper structure can make even the most difficult paper easier to read and understand.

If talking about formatting, like citations, it’s the same algorithm. You can read how to do it yourself for hours and still get confused. But a professional writer knows exactly how the writing styles differ and what you need to complete a citation. Just specify the format you need and you’ll get a wonderful essay with all the rules of the style followed.

So, getting a paper online isn’t such a bad idea after all, right?

Formatting Citations Correctly: MLA and APA Styles

The most common styles students use to write papers are MLA (Modern Language Association) and APA (American Psychological Association). We’ll talk about both.

MLA: Parenthetical In-Text Citations

MLA requires academic paper writers to put citations at the end of the sentence in which the reference text was given. It’s not recommended to break the flow of a sentence with a parenthetical citation. Put it after the closing quotation mark but before the period.

After the sentence, use the following form: (Author’s Last Name Page Number). No punctuation within the parentheses. Here are some variations:

  • If you have two pieces by different authors in one sentence, the citations should be written as close as possible to the associated piece but without breaking the flow of the sentence. Otherwise, the sense of it may be lost to the reader.;

  • If there are several pieces from the same source in your sentence, you can combine two citations in one by writing the last name of the author and two pages with a comma. Even if the first quotation is from page 55 and the second one is from page 13, use them like this: (Last Name 55, 13);

  • If on the Works Cited page you have several works by the same author, there’s another way that should be used to cite them: (Last Name, “Title Fragment” Page Number);

  • If the source you’re citing has no author, use the title fragment instead of the name in the parentheses.

APA: Parenthetical In-Text Citations

APA offers two ways of writing citations:

  • Parenthetical citation;

  • Attribution.

Here are the key points:

  • The first type must be written right after the closing quotation mark, even if it breaks the flow of the sentence. The form is the following: (Author’s Last Name, Year of Publication);

  • In order to make the reference less visible and distracting, APA suggests using the name of the author of the source you’re using in the sentence casually so that you only have to include the year of publication and the page number into the parentheses;

  • Attribution is used in the following format: Author’s Last Name (Year of Publication for reference) has pointed that/argued that/etc.;

  • As to the page numbers, APA doesn’t require them inside the parentheses. However, if you want some extra points, it’s best that you include that as well;

  • If the source has two authors, include both last names every time you use a reference. Use an ampersand (&), not a comma, to mention all the authors.

For more information, refer to manuals from MLA and APA you can find online. There’s all necessary information about formatting using those styles, including citations format. It’s a good idea to keep a manual somewhere in sight to make sure you can proofread the paper on the go. Print it out or download it to your phone, whichever is easier for you.

Do Your Citations Correctly

Don’t underestimate the value of small things, like citations. It’s crucial that you put them in your paper but you have to do it correctly for the paper to be evaluated properly. Without them, your essay will be considered plagiarized. So make sure you put all the sources in the text if you’re using direct citations.

To write everything correctly, follow the guidelines or order a paper online to have a high-quality example that will never let you down. Be careful, proofread your paper to make sure all the elements of citations are there. Use special tools to check if you find any online, and be sure your formatting is correct according to the requirements by your college.

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