EducationHow do recognize a good field service management system?

How do recognize a good field service management system?

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With versatile automation-fuelled programs, managing field services becomes easier than ever. However, the little details make the whole difference when it comes to productivity. How to know whether the FSM software is worth investing in?

With such a variety in the SaaS market, access to quality software is easier than ever – but it is harder and harder to make the right choice. Particularly those who do not have a technical background may have a difficult time figuring out the subtle differences between the software variants. That’s why we’ve prepared this brief guide that will help you recognize the field service management apps worth considering.

#1 Easy integration

This element is significant for any company that uses its own or external systems and tools. The field service management solution should be easy to integrate with them so that you can take advantage of the available data and ensure seamless communication. Search for the FSM systems that enable easy integration via API. In the case of field service management, you may want to integrate scheduling tools or communication channels into your system to streamline data exchange. 

#2 Third-party workforce management

Field service management software providers should think not only about the internal workers but also the external ones. If you outsource your services or hire freelancers from time to time, you know how difficult it is to manage the temporary employees that are not familiar with the company’s tools and structure. With a third-party workforce module, managing field service operations with external workers becomes much easier. 

#3 IoT for field service

The Internet of things provides companies relying on field service with immense possibilities. The apps accessed by the field service teams can be connected with the equipment so that it becomes easier to solve problems on short notice. The data from their devices can be constantly processed and gathered, serving for quality audits later and predictive analytics.

#4 Service history and automated protocols

Apps can streamline data exchange, also by gathering all the previous information regarding the service. When a particular employee takes over someone else’s task or client, they can look through all the history right away instead of trying to reach out to a person that was previously responsible. This kind of little changes have a great influence on customer satisfaction. 

These are just some examples of the features that every reliable field service management application should have. Make sure it also fulfills the requirements of your industry before picking the provider. A well-picked FSM system can help you improve service delivery, streamline inventory management and ensure your employees deliver exceptional service.

Michal Pukala
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