NewsCSL Satellite Launches to Provide Critical Connectivity via Starlink

CSL Satellite Launches to Provide Critical Connectivity via Starlink

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CSL Satellite has been officially launched to extend Critical Connectivity to remote or difficult-to-access areas where conventional mobile or fixed broadband services are either unavailable or unreliable. Leveraging Starlink’s low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, CSL Satellite introduces an innovative solution for ensuring continuous, secure communication.

Resilient and Encrypted Connectivity Solutions

With a focus on resilience and encryption, CSL Satellite utilizes Starlink’s advanced satellite technology to offer superior coverage and reliability for both terrestrial and maritime applications. Accompanied by a comprehensive managed service, which includes round-the-clock support, customers are guaranteed enhanced connectivity and increased resilience across diverse environments.

Diverse Service Offerings for Varied Needs

CSL Satellite’s service portfolio caters to a wide range of requirements, featuring:

  • Permanent Fixed: Tailored for static site installations, this plan suits retail and hospitality venues seeking reliable connectivity.
  • Movable Fixed: Designed for scenarios requiring connectivity at different fixed locations, such as pop-up shops, this option offers flexibility in deployment.
  • Mobile: Aimed at mobile assets, including light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, rail, and maritime transport, ensuring seamless connectivity on the move.

The low-cost coverage provided by CSL Satellite enables swift and straightforward online setup, facilitating quick access to essential services.

Global Connectivity for Land and Maritime Applications

Andy Bromley, Head of Product at CSL, emphasizes the significance of incorporating satellite technology into CSL’s service offerings. “CSL’s expansion into satellite technology, bolstered by over 25 years of leadership in providing Critical Connectivity, marks a pivotal development in its ability to deliver comprehensive global connectivity solutions for both terrestrial and maritime operations,” he stated.

CSL Satellite, a division of CSL, has recently been launched to extend critical connectivity services using Starlink’s low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. This new service aims to provide resilient, encrypted connectivity in remote or challenging environments where traditional mobile or fixed broadband options are either unreliable or unavailable. CSL Satellite’s managed service includes 24/7 support, ensuring better coverage and increased resilience for both land and maritime applications. This initiative represents a significant move by CSL to incorporate satellite technology into its portfolio, thereby enhancing its global offering in critical connectivity for over 25 years.

The service offerings by CSL Satellite are designed to cater to a wide range of applications. These include a Permanent Fixed plan for static site installations, ideal for the retail and hospitality industry; a Movable Fixed plan for terminals that will be moved between fixed addresses, suitable for pop-up shops; and a Mobile plan for mobile assets such as commercial vehicles, rail, and maritime. This diversity in service plans underscores CSL’s commitment to providing tailored solutions that address the specific needs of various industries, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing development costs.

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