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Mobile Satellite Services Association (MSSA) Unveiled by Industry Leaders to Advance Direct-to-Device Connectivity

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Viasat, Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), Terrestar Solutions, Ligado Networks, Omnispace, and Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC (Yahsat) have collectively announced the formation of the Mobile Satellite Services Association (MSSA). This newly established non-profit industry association aims to significantly enhance and diversify the Direct-to-Device (D2D) ecosystem by leveraging over 100 MHz of L- and S-band spectrum already allocated and licensed for mobile satellite services (MSS).

Developing a Global Ecosystem for Enhanced Connectivity

MSSA is set to create a global ecosystem that will integrate more than 100 MHz of L- and S-band spectrum into a broad range of mobile devices. This initiative seeks to align with 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards to extend terrestrial mobile coverage for Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and Over-the-Top (OTT) internet services. The association aims to unlock the potential of MSS spectrum, enabling Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) services and advancing 5G New Radio (5G-NR) services without interfering with terrestrial networks.

Founding Members’ Vision for Seamless Connectivity

Mark Dankberg, Chairman of MSSA and Chairman and CEO of Viasat, emphasized the transformative potential of integrating satellite connectivity into consumer mobile devices. He stated that MSSA, through its coalition of leaders, aims to create a marketplace that respects national sovereignty while promoting the integration of terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) to provide scalable, sustainable, and affordable connectivity.

Goals and Commitments of MSSA

MSSA is dedicated to achieving several key objectives to enhance global connectivity:

  • Unlocking interoperable architectures and standards for use in multi-orbit satellite systems, ground infrastructure, and end-user equipment.
  • Enhancing global roaming between terrestrial and multi-orbit satellite networks through the development of recommended specifications.
  • Maximizing the utility of over 100 MHz of global MSS spectrum to enable affordable advanced NTN services.
  • Advocating for policies and regulations that support rational, efficient, and sustainable uses of space and spectrum resources.
  • Providing a neutral forum for the coordination of 3GPP NTN and other international standards activities.

Founding Members’ Statements on MSSA Launch

Jacques Leduc, President and CEO of Terrestar Solutions, expressed pride in joining MSSA to fill connectivity gaps in remote areas, aiming for a digitally inclusive future. Doug Smith, CEO of Ligado, highlighted the performance benefits of D2D satellite services developed on L- and S-band NTN ecosystems. Ram Viswanathan, President and CEO of Omnispace, and Ali Al Hashemi, Group CEO of Yahsat, also shared their enthusiasm for the association’s potential to revolutionize global connectivity.

Enhancing Global Connectivity and Technological Integration

With the establishment of MSSA, the founding members are poised to lead the advancement of D2D services, expanding connectivity and enabling competition across various sectors. This association represents a significant step towards integrating space networks into national telecommunications infrastructure, supporting the growth of IoT and D2D sectors as key pillars of future technological and economic development.

For further details on MSSA’s mission and initiatives, or to schedule a meeting with an MSSA spokesperson, interested parties are encouraged to visit the association’s website or contact them directly.

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