NewsCanopy Integrates Ambarella’s AI Technology for Advanced Vehicle Security System

Canopy Integrates Ambarella’s AI Technology for Advanced Vehicle Security System

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Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), a prominent edge AI semiconductor company, and Canopy, an innovative smart vehicle security startup, have collaborated to revolutionize vehicle security. Canopy has integrated Ambarella’s CV25 AI computer vision system-on-chip (SoC) into its flagship Canopy Pickup Cam system. This cutting-edge technology offers real-time monitoring and threat detection specifically for truck beds. Launched as a result of a joint venture between ADT and Ford, Canopy’s advanced camera and security system is compatible with most pickup trucks and started shipping to customers on October 30th.

In the face of escalating vehicle theft rates, Canopy’s security system stands out by proactively monitoring truck beds. It is designed to detect suspicious activity and send automatic alerts to truck owners, a significant advancement over traditional security alarms that only notify after an incident. Initially targeting personal vehicles, Canopy aims to extend its innovative technology to fleet vehicles, positioning the Canopy Pickup Cam as the first aftermarket AI-enabled security system for truck bed security.

The Canopy Pickup Cam employs Ambarella’s CV25 SoC, renowned for its exceptional AI performance per watt. This technology is adept at identifying threats such as unauthorized reach-ins and tampering while minimizing false alarms. The CV25’s energy efficiency ensures that the Pickup Cam delivers extensive threat detection and alerts over prolonged periods. Furthermore, the CV25 SoC’s capabilities include supporting future expansions for additional cameras, illustrating its versatility and scalability.

Ben Brown, Canopy CTO, praised the Ambarella CVflow SoC for its powerful AI engine, rapid boot-up, and superior low-light performance. He emphasized that these features were crucial in merging smart home technology with automotive and AI expertise to create a unique, proactive security solution for pickup trucks.

Ambarella’s president and CEO, Fermi Wang, expressed enthusiasm about empowering Canopy with edge AI technology to elevate vehicle security standards. He highlighted that the CV25 SoC offers the necessary processing performance and image quality needed for compact, AI-powered embedded vision systems such as the Pickup Cam.

Canopy’s Pickup Cam, leveraging Ambarella’s extensive experience in the video security market, boasts exceptional visual quality crucial for the accuracy of AI algorithms. It features a 180° ultra-wide field of view, facilitated by the CV25 SoC’s de-warping technology and Ambarella’s advanced image signal processor (ISP). This ISP ensures top-notch low-light performance and color night vision, delivering unparalleled image quality even in challenging lighting conditions.

Additionally, the Pickup Cam utilizes Ambarella’s on-chip H.264/H.265 video compression engine for continuous video recording, ensuring critical evidence is captured in any incident. Truck owners can also access a live stream of their truck bed remotely via the Canopy security app. In its future endeavors, Canopy plans to integrate an Emergency Help service from ADT, offering professional monitoring and assistance to its customers.

This collaboration between Canopy and Ambarella illustrates a significant advancement in vehicle security, combining state-of-the-art AI technology with practical, user-friendly solutions to safeguard vehicles effectively.

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