NewsX-FAB Silicon Foundries SE Enhances Galvanic Isolation Technology for Versatile Applications

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE Enhances Galvanic Isolation Technology for Versatile Applications

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Overview of X-FAB’s Progress

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE, a forerunner in the analog/mixed-signal and specialty foundry domain, has unveiled substantial advancements in its galvanic isolation technology. This breakthrough is an expansion of X-FAB’s 2018 process, initially optimized for robust discrete capacitive or inductive couplers. The contemporary adaptation facilitates the direct amalgamation of prevailing galvanic isolation elements with active circuits derived from the XA035 technology, yielding greater design malleability for isolation products.

Applications and Market Potential

The refined process caters to burgeoning sectors including renewable energy sources, electric vehicle powertrains, intricate factory automation systems, and industrial power mechanisms.

Technical Specifics of the XA035 Technology

Founded on a 350nm process node, the XA035 technology is expressly tailored for crafting automotive sensors and high-voltage industrial apparatuses. The incorporation of high-voltage signal isolation ensures sustained operational efficacy, even under stringent environmental conditions. This paves the way for the production of robust, AEC-Q100 Grade 0 compliant components suitable for industrial applications. Notable examples encompass digital isolators, isolated gate drivers, and isolated amplifier ICs. Complementing this, X-FAB has proffered an exhaustive PDK, congruent with the augmented process technology, available to all preeminent EDA vendors.

Response to Market Needs

Noting the escalating market demand for resilient foundry solutions adept in designing galvanically isolated products, X-FAB’s existing high-reliability isolation layer, catering to discrete coupler designs, has garnered significant traction over the years. The recent enhancement, by capitalizing on the analogous process module, facilitates even greater latitude in product design, permitting seamless integration with CMOS circuits on a singular die. Furthermore, anticipation builds as the inaugural customer products integrated with this technology approach the production phase.

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