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World’s First Safety Certified Capacitive Touchscreen Controller Family for the Home Appliance Market

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To reduce the risk of fires from the kitchen and floods in The laundry area, European IEC 60730 along with U.S. UL 60730 Class B specifications require security mechanics in appliances, such as ovens, cooktops, washing machines and clothes dryers. Helping designers meet those functional safety requirements in touch display enabled appliances, Microchip Technology Inc.. (Nasdaq: MCHP) now declared its maXTouch® MXT336UD-MAUHA1 capacitive touchscreen control family — that the market’s sole touchscreen controllers to offer pre-certified, Class B firmware. The family includes three controllers, both the MXT112UD-MAUHA1, the MXT228UD-MAUHA1 along with also the MXT336UD-MAUHA1, each fulfilling different screen size requirements, ranging from 2-to 8-inches.

The Class B certified touch controllers offer exceptional safety-related Features that enable system shut off via a simple soft button onto a touchscreen, removing the requirement for an outside safety certified cancel or stop button and related microcontroller (MCU). They also permit an appliance to find a touchscreen or appliance failure and shut down automatically through various self-testing abilities. For example, if the glass breaks on a cooktop, the touchscreen will turn dark and closed off the machine, eliminating unintentional damage in the home. As the amount of signature empowered home appliances continue to grow, the MXT336UD-MAUHA1 family shifts the required safety functionality to some one touchscreen , helping OEMs reduce prices and enhance time to market.

“Because of the threat of home fires caused by house appliances, appliance Manufacturers need to add practical safety to their machines, and Microchip’s MXT336UD-MAUHA1 touchscreen control family is already certified for these necessary security standards,” said Fanie Duvenhage, vice president of Microchip’s human machine interface business unit. “Integrating Class B certificate into our touch controllers eases the design and qualification process for signature enabled appliances, ultimately putting safety , while reducing costs and empowering modern user interface alternatives.”

Furthermore, this new household presents a high signal to noise ratio (SNR) design and proprietary partitioning mutual purchase scheme. This enables the system to reliably detect and track multiple fingers on surfaces exposed to moisture, water, grease and much more — even if the user is wearing gloves.

Development Tools

Software and hardware resources are available. Software tools include MaXTouch Studio along with maXTouch Analyzer. Hardware tools include an evaluation kit, available upon request.

Pricing and Availability

The MXT336UD-MAUHA1 household is available in volume production beginning at $1.82 at 10,000-unit quantities.

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