NewsToradex Unveils Titan Evaluation Kit Featuring Advanced NXP i.MX 95 AI Processor

Toradex Unveils Titan Evaluation Kit Featuring Advanced NXP i.MX 95 AI Processor

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Toradex Titan Evaluation Kit: A Foray into Next-Gen AI and Machine Vision Applications

Toradex has introduced its Titan Evaluation Kit, harnessing the capabilities of the NXP i.MX 95 Cortex-A55/M33/M7 heterogeneous AI processor. This state-of-the-art system, equipped with the NXP eIQ Neutron Neural Network Accelerator (NPU), is tailored for a variety of applications spanning automotive, industrial, and IoT domains.

Comprehensive System Design

The Toradex Titan Evaluation Kit is structured around a versatile carrier board paired with a high-performance SO-DIMM system-on-module. It boasts the NXP i.MX 95 SoC at its core and supports expansive memory and storage options, alongside a suite of connectivity and display outputs, to address the stringent requirements of cutting-edge AI applications.

Robust Processor Specifications

Central to the kit is the NXP i.MX 95 SoC, featuring multiple Arm Cortex-A55 application cores, a Cortex-M7 real-time core, and a Cortex-M33 safety core, supplemented by a potent Arm Mali-G310 V2 GPU and the innovative NXP eIQ Neutron NPU, capable of delivering exceptional inference performance.

Memory and Storage Provision

The system-on-module is configurable with up to 16GB of LPDDR5 memory and a maximum of 128GB of eMMC flash storage. It also includes an OSPI Flash for rapid boot scenarios and a microSD card slot for additional storage needs.

Display and Audio Integration

The evaluation kit facilitates multiple display interface options and includes a comprehensive camera interface, coupled with sophisticated audio capabilities, ensuring a rich multimedia experience and support for intricate machine vision tasks.

Connectivity and Networking

With dual Ethernet ports, high-speed WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 modules, and the promise of a forthcoming WiFi 6E module, the kit is primed for robust networking requirements. Additionally, the incorporation of multiple USB ports underscores its readiness for a plethora of peripherals and devices.

Development and Expansion Flexibility

The Titan Evaluation Kit is designed to facilitate development agility, offering various expansion slots and a wealth of headers for I2C and analog inputs, as well as advanced CAN-FD interfaces with signal improvement capabilities.

Software Ecosystem and Support

While the announcement is preliminary, Toradex has indicated that the evaluation kit will support the Torizon industrial/embedded Linux OS, complete with comprehensive remote management capabilities, including over-the-air updates and device monitoring.

Target Applications and Market Readiness

The kit is engineered to catalyze development across an array of markets, including automated edge, industry 4.0, robotics, healthcare, transportation, and smart office environments. Its robust design and support infrastructure promise to streamline the development of next-generation machine vision and edge applications.

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