NewsTCL Leads in 5G RedCap Technology with Launch of LINKKEY IK511

TCL Leads in 5G RedCap Technology with Launch of LINKKEY IK511

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Today, TCL, a trailblazer in display technology for feature-rich smartphones, tablets, and connected devices, announced the launch of TCL LINKKEY IK511 at MWC 2024. The device is among the world’s inaugural 3GPP R17 5G RedCap USB dongles, powered by Snapdragon® X35 5G Modem-RF System from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

5G RedCap: A New Era in Connectivity

The introduction of TCL LINKKEY IK511 represents a significant landmark in the commercialization of 5G RedCap for M2M (Machine to Machine) and consumer applications. This aligns with TCL’s commitment to making 5G accessible for everyone, everywhere, and everything. 5G RedCap, a technology defined in 3GPP R17, is set to revolutionize connectivity by reducing costs and power consumption compared to its predecessor, 5G eMBB [1]. This groundbreaking technology will enable users to tap into the benefits of 5G with less investment and unlock the potential for wider application scenarios. It’s predicted that 5G RedCap will drive the momentum for forthcoming 5G deployments.

Accelerating 5G Deployment with TCL LINKKEY IK511

TCL aims to expedite the deployment of 5G applications with the TCL LINKKEY IK511 by encouraging the adoption of 5G RedCap. The product is an ideal fit for the M2M sector, catalyzing the swift progression of digitalization in the industry. The Snapdragon X35 5G Modem-RF System, one of the first commercially available 5G RedCap modems, is propelling a unified 5G platform for IoT and entry-level broadband devices. This innovation will broaden the 5G ecosystem to accommodate new devices, form factors, and experiences.

Qualcomm and TCL: A Partnership for 5G Future

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Vice President of Product Management, Gautam Sheoran, stated that the TCL LINKKEY IK511 is an advanced implementation of RedCap that streamlines the process of bringing 5G connectivity to novel M2M devices and use-cases.

Jesse Wu, General Manager of Smart Connected Device at TCL Communication, emphasized TCL’s commitment to ‘connect the unconnected, create seamless connection’ and stated that TCL LINKKEY IK511 is among the first batch of 5G RedCap devices based on the cutting-edge Snapdragon X35 Platform. This, he believes, will unlock more potential for the new 5G network. TCL, in partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, aims to bring 5G to more customers and mark a new chapter in the future of connectivity and interconnected devices, thereby accelerating global connectivity.

TCL’s Continued Dedication to Global Connectivity

As a global top three brand in mobile broadband, TCL continues to deliver safe, high-speed, reliable, and seamless mobile broadband connection services to users worldwide. They work in close collaboration with carriers and partners to provide full-scenario FWA & MBB solutions for homes, businesses, mobile devices, and M2M applications ranging from 4G to 5G.

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