NewsSTMicroelectronics Unveils MasterGaN1L and MasterGaN4L for Advanced Power Supply Design

STMicroelectronics Unveils MasterGaN1L and MasterGaN4L for Advanced Power Supply Design

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Next-Generation Integrated GaN Devices by STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics has released its latest innovations, the MasterGaN1L and MasterGaN4L, marking a significant advancement in integrated gallium-nitride (GaN) bridge devices. These devices are pivotal in simplifying power supply design by leveraging wide-bandgap technology, aligning with the latest ecodesign targets.

Enhanced Features of MasterGaN Family

The MasterGaN family integrates 650V GaN high electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs) with optimized gate drivers and system protection. An innovative addition is an integrated bootstrap diode that assists in powering the device at startup. This integration simplifies the complex gate-drive requirements of GaN transistors and is housed in a compact power package to improve reliability, reduce material costs, and facilitate circuit layout.

Advanced Design and Configuration

The new MasterGaN devices feature two GaN HEMTs in a half-bridge configuration, ideal for creating switched-mode power supplies, adapters, and chargers. These devices are suitable for various converter topologies including active-clamp flyback, forward, and resonant converters. They are also pin compatible with their predecessors, MasterGaN1 and MasterGaN4, but offer an optimized turn-on delay for higher frequency and efficiency, particularly in resonant topologies.

Versatile Input and Shutdown Features

MasterGaN1L and MasterGaN4L accept signal voltages ranging from 3.3V to 15V and include hysteresis and pull-down features for direct connection to control devices like microcontrollers or DSPs. A dedicated shutdown pin allows for effective power saving. The devices ensure matched timing between the two GaN HEMTs, incorporating an interlocking circuit to prevent cross-conduction.

Specifics of MasterGaN1L and MasterGaN4L HEMTs

The MasterGaN1L HEMTs, with 150mΩ RDS(on) and a 10A rated current, are designed for applications up to 500W. They consume only 20mW in no-load power, aiding in meeting industry standards for standby power and average efficiency. The MasterGaN4L HEMTs, targeting up to 200W applications, have a 225mΩ RDS(on) and a 6.5A rated current.

Demonstration Boards for Easy Evaluation

STMicroelectronics provides the EVLMG1LPBRDR1 and EVLMG4LPWRBR1 demonstration boards to evaluate each device’s features. These boards, containing a GaN-based half-bridge power module, are fine-tuned for LLC applications. They facilitate the creation of new topologies using MasterGaN1L and MasterGaN4L without requiring a complete PCB design.

Availability and Pricing

Both the MasterGaN1L and MasterGaN4L are currently in production, available in a 9mm x 9mm x 1mm GQFN package. The MasterGaN1L is priced from $4.40, and the MasterGaN4L starts at $3.78.

With the introduction of MasterGaN1L and MasterGaN4L, STMicroelectronics continues to lead in the field of power supply design. These devices offer cutting-edge solutions for designers and engineers, aligning with modern ecodesign standards and efficiency requirements.

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