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STMicroelectronics Powers Wireless-Charging Growth with Secure Solution for Consumer and Automotive Qi-certified Chargers

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A global leader in semiconductor technology, a company that serves customers from all segments of the electronics industry, has developed a simple solution to authenticate Qi chargers.

There are many innovations in wireless charging that can be used on a growing number of smartphones and wearables. These include furniture that has built-in charging pads, cars with the charging pad positioned to keep phones safe while driving, as well as charging stations in restaurants and cafes. The chargers should be designed in a way that protects consumers’ products. After testing and certification in accordance to the WPC-Qi specifications, the Qi logo will be awarded.

“ST is helping wireless charging thrive by providing a secure way to authenticate genuine Qi-certified chargers before increasing the charge at any power level over five Watts,” said Laurent Degauque, Marketing Director, Secure Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. “Our solutions compliant with WPC-Qi specification V1.3 are based on ST secure elements certified Common Criteria EAL5+ and AEC-Q100 for automotive.”

STSAFE secure elements come loaded with Qi Certificates. They provide authentication that uses state-of the-art cryptography. These solutions clearly identify the charger, and attest to its authenticity.

ST is an official Manufacturer Certification Authority Service Provider and has the authority to calculate and sign the official Qi Charger Certificate that includes both the Qi-ID of the charger and the maker reference. The STSAFE–A110 and STSAFE–V110 are loaded in a secure ST factory. This creates a ready-to use solution that takes the load off charger makers.

STSAFE is trusted by millions of connected devices, consumables and secure automotive peripherals around the world to authenticate devices for brand protection and other connected assets.

STSAFE A110 is available in two sizes for consumer markets: 4mm x5mm SO8N and 2mm x3mm UFDFPN8. STSAFE V110 is available as a TSSOP20 package for the automotive market.

Additional Technical Information

The STSAFE IC Family provides common functions and services that optimize security for automotive peripherals, connected devices, and consumables. It is based on the latest security audited independently by security authorities. It has been certified Common Criteria AVA_VAN 5

STSAFE’s A110 and STSAFE’V110 are secure operating systems that run on secure microcontrollers. They provide authentication using ECDSA asymmetric encryption and X509 certificates that contain a unique serial number.

They are preloaded with the appropriate cryptographic keys and the official Qi Certificate to enable Qi authentication.

STSAFE-V110 has been certified to conform to the automotive standard AEC Q100 grade 2.

To support product development, users can use the STSAFE–A110 ecosystem. This includes ST’s STM32* microcontroller families and devices like ST’s STWBC2 digital control for wireless charger transmitters.

The XNUCLEO-SAFEA1A extension board for STM32 Nucleoboards contains an STSAFEA110 IC that can be used with the XCUBE-SAFEA1 and XCUBE-SBSFU software updates.

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