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STMicroelectronics Highlights Differentiated Technologies that Contribute to A Smarter and More Sustainable World at Industrial Summit 2021

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An innovator in the industrial sector of semiconductors, ST features a wide and unique product portfolio that comprises more than 5,000 items targeted at different industrial applications. The 3rd edition of this year’s Industrial Summit maintains the theme of “Powering Your Innovation.” The Summit will feature captivating displays and shows, as well as informative technical sessions by ST along with its tech partners who share the entire ecosystem that powers attendees’ next designs and breakthroughs.

Innovative ideas in 4 show-stopper areas that use sustainable technology

The company has always been a major focus. the business, sustainability is an essential part of ST’s proposition. ST’s products and solutions aid in sustainable energy and sustainable transportation as well as energy efficiency as the globe is striving to achieve a green climate as well as carbon neutralization. The major attraction of this year’s show will be four showstopper zones which will focus on Smart Farming, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Infrastructure and Environment as well as the Smart Green Energy Network, featuring 20 different sustainable technologies.

Smart Farming: Examples and applications displayed include intelligent lighting, soil humidity and temperature sensors, water-quality monitoring, wind-speed and direction detection, and rubber tree-tapping machines.

With wired and wireless connectivity devices, such as STM32WL LoRa MCUs and sensors, actuators, as well as power management gadgets, ST provides products and solutions for smart agricultural systems that permit farm managers to gather data from their agriculture, evaluate their environment’s changing patterns, anticipate the effects of livestock and crop diseases, and formulate scientifically accurate production strategies. A prime example will be a machine for tapping rubber trees driven by the powerSTEP01, a fully connected motor driver.

Smart Manufacturing Modern manufacturing is going through a change. Advanced computing capabilities, high-end motor-control techniques, reliable connectivity and stable image recognition Smart sensors and image recognition are most important technologies that are involved. All are supported by devices from ST’s broad range of solutions and products.

ST will present an autonomous rover demonstration to demonstrate smart manufacturing. By using navigation algorithms the ST’s toF sensor the rover is able to move around without causing collisions. In addition using machine vision and artificial intelligence, the rover is able to recognize objects with specific colors and then pick them up to put them in the appropriate baskets with its robotic arm that has FOC (Field Oriented (position) Control).

Smart Infrastructure and Environment. To satisfy the requirements of environmental and infrastructure projects, ST will demonstrate a variety of STM32 MCU/MPUs and MCUs, STSPIN motor controllers, as well as power-management devices, along with an extensive range of sensors and MEMS (including Sensors for ToF, actuator and TMOS technology) and a wide array of wireless and wired connectivity technologies that include ST’s BlueNRG series of products, all of which aid in the development of smart-home, smart-building , and smart-city applications. We’ll also showcase products built around the KNX as the backbone of industry-standard of smart-building and smart-home applications that are automated by ST’s STKNX as well as STM32.

The Summit, ST will showcase these applications and technologies, in addition to demonstrations focused on smart buildings, smart parking as well as smart light poles.

Smart Green Energy Network: ST’s green-energy solutions help customers improve energy efficiency and reliability of systems for all kinds of equipment, both in industrial and home sectors. ST’s innovative technologies cover a wide assortment of MCUs Silicon Carbide (SiC) power transistors and driver for galvanic isolation gates and power metering and power line communications (PLC) controllers.

ST will also present its Smart Green Energy Network, which will showcase the innovative solutions that can improve and transform energy systems. The network comprises solar panels, batteries, Management System, power meters and a photovoltaic system that has the ability to shut down quickly and safely, as well as an electric vehicle charging station.

Flagship demonstrations from three ST Industrial Competence Centers of Power and Energy, Motor Control, and Automation

To provide our industrial clients in Asia with a strong and effective assistance for their development projects, ST has set up three separate industrial Competence Centers that focus upon Motor Control, Automation, and Energy and Energy.

Electricity and Power: A 3kW bridgeless-totem-pole power factor correction (PFC) which has a digital controller lets engineers develop a unique topology using ST’s latest power equipment that comprise SiC MOSFETs Super-junction MOS ICs with low Rdson, galvanic isolator gate drivers and a 32-bit microcontroller. This design is also the possibility of a compact converter operating at 70kHz that offers the highest peak efficiency as well as very low distortion of THD.

Motor Control: This dual motor control demonstration can precisely sync the two PMSM motors quickly and drive two blades that create the event’s logo as the sideways stepper engines join them. The demonstration is powered by an extremely integrated STSPIN32G4 Systems-in-Package, built on an STM32G4 operating the FOC Software Development Kit (SDK) and synchronized with an engine driver for powerSTEP and a powerSTEP motor driver, this demo showcases ST’s top-performing solutions and broad ecosystem of motor-control applications.

Automation: The Multi-axis, smart collaborative robot arm has compactness with high integration and intelligence that allow it to be put in place and then deployed. In addition to the advantages mentioned over the others, the robotic arm is likely to become increasingly well-known in the field of factory automation, to help with repetitive work and increase productivity.

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