NewsThis Arduino machine winds Tesla coils automatically

This Arduino machine winds Tesla coils automatically

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The process of winding one wire strand onto an cylinder to create a coil from scratch can be an extremely laborious process and, even more importantly, the distance between each turn is not consistent or is a result of overlaps rather than an even, smooth surface. To make the process simpler and more efficient YouTuber Mr. Ingenious has created a machine that can accomplish the job with minimal human involvement.

The device’s core includes the Arduino Nano device, which is linked to two A4988 stepper motor drivers as well as an LCD that is set up on an individual PCB. Its 3.5″ LCD acts as touchscreen display that lets users select how long the wire as well as the length that the wire. This lets the number of windings to be determined by dividing by the width (such like 100mm) by the diameter of the wire (such as 200um to get 500 total windings).

Based on the figure that the first stepper motor spins the cylinder to make the wire wind. As it spins another stepper is turning an elongated rod that rotates the head over the cylinder at an exact frequency. The resultant coil is a smooth, even surface that any enthusiast will be proud of, and even better it was designed and produced by a computer.

For more details on this project, you can view Mr. Innovative’s video below.

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