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STMicroelectronics Boosts Efficiency Minimizing Switching Power Losses with New MDmesh™ K6 800V STPOWER MOSFETs

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The brand new super-junction STPOWER MDmesh K6 series enhances certain key parameters in order to reduce power losses to the system. It is particularly suited for lighting applications that rely on the flyback topology, including lighting drivers for LEDs, LED lamps as well as adapters and power sources for flat-panel displays.

The 800V STPOWER MDmesh K6 series, ST sets a new standard for super-junction technology, which combines the highest quality performance and user-friendly. MDmesh K6, featuring the most efficient RDS(on) area and x-axis at 800V that is currently on the market, is able to create compact innovative designs that combine powerful power density with industry-leading efficiency.

Additionally it is worth noting that the K6 series comes with a decreased threshold voltage in comparison to the MDmesh K5 generation, allowing the use of a lower voltage for driving, decreasing power losses, and improving efficiency for standby applications with no power. Total gate charges (Qg) can also be low, which allows for fast switching speeds and minimal losses.

A built-in ESD protection diode enhances the overall durability of the MOSFET up to Human Body Model (HBM) Class 2.

“We have tested and evaluated samples of the new Super Junction Very High Voltage MDmesh K6 series and have noted and been very impressed with the outstanding Rdson*area and Total Gate charge (Qg) performance characteristics,” said Luca Colombo, CTO and R&D Manager, TCI, an Italian solid-state lighting innovator (

The STP80N240K6 (RDS(on)max = 0.22O Qgtyp= 25.9nC) in the TO-220 through hole package is the first MDmesh K6 MOSFET to be in full production, with samples already available on ST eSTore. There are two versions available: DPAK AND TO-220FP variants will both be fully in production by the beginning of January 2022. Prices start from $1.013 per 1000 parts for orders.

The entire MDmesh K6 portfolio of products will be launched by 2022. It will include a broad RDS(on) range of 0.22O up to 4.5O and a wide range of options for packaging, including through-hole and SMD housings.

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