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Infineon’s AIROC Cloud Connectivity Manager supports the AWS IoT ExpressLink to make IoT product development simple and quick

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Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX/OTCQX IFNNY) today announced that the brand’s latest AIROC (tm) IFW56810 cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) solution that incorporates the AWS IoT ExpressLink standard and specifications. This solution helps make it simpler and quicker for customers and businesses to connect their products like industrial sensors or home appliances, irrigation systems, and medical equipment in the cloud to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Developers who are creating their first Internet of Things (IoT) applications to delegate the complicated and undifferentiated tasks required for secure connection of devices AWS. Developers can concentrate on the core tasks in developing innovative and novel products while also cutting down on design time and speeding up the time to market. CCM’s CCM solution has been pre-certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

“Traditionally, connecting devices to the cloud has been a difficult and time-consuming process that requires developers to possess a wide range of technical competencies in Wi-Fi, embedded systems, antenna design and cloud configuration along while creating complex code,” said Rob Conant, Vice President of Software and Ecosystem at Infineon. “With this plug-and-play technology engineers are able to easily, quickly, and safely connect their devices in a large scale to AWS. We’re thrilled to work with AWS to assist engineers in focusing on creating products that go into the market quicker and generate additional income streams.”

The main benefits from the AIROC Cloud Connectivity Manager

  • Developers can use easy configuration commands like “connect” and “send” to establish a connection and begin streaming their data onto AWS in just a few hours instead of weeks
  • Allows Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly convert their products in IoT devices without combining huge amounts of code or having a thorough understanding of the operation
  • It allows you to connect different devices to AWS and keep its original applications software, and the need for a less expensive redesign
  • Software upgrades are available via over-the air (OTA) upgrades via CCM. CCM solution, and hosting support OTA updates to protect your data and ensure future security
  • Keeps the security and health of your fleet on a large scale, by offering an out-of-the-box system that secure transfers data to and from the cloud using Wi-Fi
  • CCM supports support for the CIRRENT  Cloud ID. This guarantees that every device is equipped with an individual device identification and assignation to a specific company that is that is stored in a secure hardware element that provides an infallible mechanism.

“The combination of Infineon’s CCM and our AWS IoT ExpressLink solution gives IoT developers an easy hardware solution to securely connect their products to the cloud,” said Yasser Alsaied Director for IoT for IoT and Cloud Computing at AWS. “This collaboration allows developers to develop smarter, safer IoT devices to the market. It’s an exciting moment to be working on IoT with many more innovative customer interaction to be announced in the near future.”

About AIROC Wireless Connectivity Products

The Infineon AIROC Wireless products which include Wi-Fi(r), Bluetooth(r), Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combination devices have shipped over 1 billion units and have become the most popular solution in IoT solutions. The vast portfolio of products include high-performing and reliable ultra-low-power devices which provide robust, industry-leading performance.

AIROC products are built on a common software framework that is compatible with Android, Linux, RTOS platforms. They’re pre-integrated into The Infineon ModusToolbox  applications and programs, enabling developers to bring high-quality, distinct products to the customers on time and on budget.

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