NewsSpire Global Unveils Revolutionary Constellation Management Platform at Space Tech Expo Europe

Spire Global Unveils Revolutionary Constellation Management Platform at Space Tech Expo Europe

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BREMEN, Germany, November 14, 2023 — Spire Global, Inc. (NYSE: SPIR), a prominent provider of space-based data, analytics, and space services, has announced the launch of its ground-breaking Constellation Management Platform at Space Tech Expo Europe. This innovative web-based application, designed to simplify satellite constellation operations, is co-funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) under the ARTES Core Competitiveness (CC) Programme with a €1.5 million award and supported by the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA).

Revolutionizing Satellite Constellation Operations

Spire’s Constellation Management Platform marks a significant advancement in the field of space services. Developed as part of Spire Space Services, the Company’s comprehensive solution for satellite constellation deployment and management, the platform offers a streamlined, end-to-end service for a flat monthly fee. Spire’s Space as a Service missions support diverse use cases, including Earth observation, connectivity, radio frequency intelligence, and space domain awareness, significantly reducing the complexity and time required for satellite deployment.

Simplifying Complex Operations

Historically, satellite constellation operations have been intricate and labor-intensive, often necessitating a team of experts for round-the-clock management. Utilizing its extensive experience in operating the world’s largest multi-payload satellite constellation, Spire has automated and optimized satellite operations. This innovation allows companies to efficiently manage satellites using minimal resources — essentially transforming operations to a one-person job with a laptop.

User-Friendly Interface

The Constellation Management Platform provides a direct connection to satellites, enabling users to task, schedule, and monitor payloads, fleet health, and mission planning through an intuitive interface. The platform integrates with Spire’s ground operations software, allowing for seamless operation of satellites and constellations through a global network of ground stations. Built on Amazon Web Services, the platform delivers satellite data directly into customers’ ecosystems and is accessible via Spire’s API.

Transforming Satellite Management

“Satellites never sleep,” said Frank Frulio, General Manager of Space Services at Spire. “Our platform dramatically simplifies space operations, empowering businesses to efficiently manage satellites and leverage space data for competitive advantage. This innovation is pivotal for sectors such as insurance and utility companies, enabling them to respond effectively to challenges like climate change and remote forestry management.”

The Constellation Management Platform is available to Spire’s Space Services customers and those seeking to streamline existing constellation operations. It represents a significant leap forward in automating satellite operations, as highlighted by the Austrian Space Forum’s experience in effortlessly managing their ADLER-2 operations.

Endorsement by ESA and Impact on Space Industry

Dietmar Schmitt, acting Head of Systems, Strategic Programme Lines, and Technology Department at the ESA Connectivity and Secure Communications Directorate, acknowledged the platform’s impact. “The Constellation Management Platform simplifies constellation mission operations, offering an automated, efficient, and user-friendly system. This aligns with ESA’s vision of enhancing the use of space resources and assets,” he remarked.

With the Constellation Management Platform, Spire Global continues to innovate in the space industry, offering efficient, streamlined solutions for satellite constellation management, significantly impacting the landscape of satellite operations.

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