NewsFibocom's SC126-NA 4G Smart Module: Elevating AIoT Connectivity in North America

Fibocom’s SC126-NA 4G Smart Module: Elevating AIoT Connectivity in North America

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Fibocom, a globally recognized leader in IoT wireless solutions and communication modules, has achieved a significant milestone with its 4G smart module SC126-NA, now certified by a major North American carrier. This high-performance smart module, incorporating a quad-core processor and utilizing 11nm technology, is specifically crafted for the burgeoning entry-level intelligent IoT market. With this certification, the SC126-NA module is set to provide comprehensive and integrated connectivity services to a diverse array of AIoT terminals, including smart wireless payment terminals, industrial handhelds, and 4G PTT-over-cellular terminals.

Impact on the AIoT Market

The artificial intelligence IoT (AIoT) market is anticipated to experience significant growth, propelled by the advancement of AI technology. Smart modules, like Fibocom’s SC126-NA, play a crucial role in this growth by endowing IoT devices with mobile computing capabilities. This facilitates real-time data processing and analysis, crucially reducing decision-making timelines in critical scenarios, thus enhancing efficiency for industry customers. The certification of the SC126-NA smart module stands to abbreviate the certification process for customer terminal devices, alleviating investment apprehensions associated with IoT projects.

Technical Capabilities of SC126-NA

  • Open Android OS: The module comes equipped with an open Android operating system, offering rich multimedia processing capabilities.
  • High-Definition Support: It supports an FHD (1920 x 1080 @30fps) touchscreen and multi-channel camera input.
  • Encoding and Decoding Features: The module boasts H.265 / H.264 encoding and decoding capabilities, integrating seamlessly with facial recognition algorithms.
  • Flexible Packaging: Packaged in an LCC + LGA form factor, the SC126-NA offers versatility for developing terminal devices tailored to various market requirements.
  • Precision Positioning: It is adept at providing precise positioning and navigation with GNSS.
  • Interface Scalability: The module supports a wide range of interfaces, including MIPI / USB / UART / SPI / I2C, making it an ideal solution for applications that necessitate the integration of cellular communication and multimedia features.

Global Reach and Market Adaptability

Fibocom’s commitment to the global AIoT market is evidenced by the development of regional variants of the SC126 module, supporting frequency bands in Europe, APAC, and a Wi-Fi-only version, catering to the diverse and expanding market demands. The SC126-NA module’s certification and its advanced capabilities position Fibocom as a pivotal enabler in the AIoT space, promising to drive innovation and efficiency across various sectors.

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