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SEEQC Unveils SFQ Chips for Scalable Quantum Computing and Introduces SEEQC System Red

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Quantum computing is the next frontier in computing technology, and companies like SEEQC are at the forefront of developing the necessary hardware and software to make it a reality. SEEQC’s chips, known as Single Flux Quantum (SFQ) chips, are designed to pair information from cryogenic superconducting quantum processors with digitized information from conventional computers. These chips operate at extremely low temperatures and use quantized magnetic flux to represent and manipulate information.


The SFQ chips are fully integrated with qubits, a critical milestone in building scalable error-corrected quantum computers and data centers. SEEQC has also successfully tested its digital multiplexing technology, which can control up to 8 qubits with just 2 wires, with versions that can control up to 64 qubits currently in fabrication. This will reduce the capital costs and simplify the underlying complexity of a quantum computer.

SEEQC has developed a full-stack quantum computing system called SEEQC System Red. This system includes hardware, software, and other necessary components to perform quantum computations. The system is designed to provide a user-friendly and comprehensive interface for developers and researchers to write and run quantum programs, optimize quantum circuits, and perform other tasks related to quantum computing. SEEQC System Red includes a digital SFQ chip-based next-generation quantum computer, room-temperature analog control, and readout technology, as well as a software development kit and other tools for quantum programming and simulation.

The architecture of SEEQC System Red was built to mimic current-generation superconductor quantum computing systems, enabling the company to perform direct A-B comparisons with its digital SFQ chip-based next-generation quantum computer. With SEEQC System Red, the company has achieved average 2-qubit gate speeds of 39ns and average gate fidelities of 98.4%, which are among the best of publicly available quantum systems operating over the cloud.

SEEQC has raised a total of $30 million from investors, including Merck’s M Ventures and LG Tech Ventures. The company is well-positioned to continue developing cutting-edge quantum computing technology and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of computing.

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