NewsSigfox new S2-LP transceiver from STMicroelectronics

Sigfox new S2-LP transceiver from STMicroelectronics

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The new S2-LP transceiver system was unveiled by STMelectronics. Transceiver works on Sigfox networks, its previous model is SPIRIT1, which has been very successful. Its parameters compared to the previous model have been improved. It has expanded the range of operation, sleekness of the system, better reconfigurability of the device and significantly reduced power consumption.

S2 LP transceiver

The transceiver works on a bandwidth of less than 1 GHz in the ISM range. It is possible to set the operating frequency in other ranges thanks to the digital interface. The S2-LP is designed for use in networks with the IEEE802.15.4g standard like Sigfox, 6LowPAN and M-Bus radio networks.

The current consumption is 6.7 mA for reception and 10 mA for 100 mW transmission. The S2-LP is powered from 1.8 to 3.6 V. This allows applications in mobile systems with batteries. The main applications of such systems are measurement systems, intelligent residential systems, remote monitoring systems. The S2-LP is compatible with evaluation plates such as STEVAL FKI915V1, STEVAL FKI433V1, STEVAL FKI868V1.

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