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AX-SIP-SFEU – Sigfox system is equipped with RF system for low power IoT projects

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The ON Semiconductor company presented its AX-SIP-SFEU programmable RF transceiver at the Prague. The system works on Sigfox. It is the best-integrated transceiver for data transmission and reception. This system is the first family in the System of Package, which provides very good parameters. The transceiver is designed for RF Frequency applications for IoT systems.


The transceiver construction was designed for IoT applications, which entails very small dimensions. Its dimensions are 7 x 9 x 1 mm, it is much smaller than the modular solutions hitherto used, giving it more possibilities when designing IoT systems. ON Semiconductor is focused on the development of one chip design for the Sigfox standard. The new system has been certified by radio regulations so it will soon be on the market. The AX-SIP-SFEU niche solution reduces production costs, accelerates the release of the device, and helps to simplify device-based solutions from ON Semiconductor.

The AX-SIP-SFEU is equipped with very cost-effective solutions from On Semiconductor. For wireless connections, this is the most important issue for designers. Sigfox’s device-to-cloud function has been implemented in the system. Standby power consumption is 0.5 mA, in sleep mode 1.3 μA, and in deep sleep mode 100 nA

The system connection to the system is made via the UART interval. AT commands that transmit frames and radio configurations are made using an API designed for software developers. AX-SIP-SFEU has its own development kits and IDE tools for developers.

Michal Pukala
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